Friday, February 15, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Every day in our beloved Mr. Rogers' neighborhood was a beautiful one, and after several days of rain, rain, and more rain, we finally had a beautiful day in our neighborhood yesterday. The bright sunshine and perfectly clear blue skies beckoned me and my cameras to come out and play ... and that's exactly what we did!

One of the first things that caught my eye while driving through the neighborhoods of Vicksburg, was this dogwood tree at Crawford Street Methodist Church ...

Its bright red clusters of fruit were happily soaking up the sunshine, and made a perfect picture with the bright blue sky as a background ...

All those little fruits will soon turn into gorgeous white dogwood blossoms.  I can't wait!

While I was in the downtown area, I also captured some pictures of a couple of buildings I have never photographed. This is the Seargent S. Prentiss building, which, according to its sign, was built in 1791.

I googled Seargent Smith Prentiss, and discovered that he was originally from Maine.  Prentiss moved to Mississippi when he was 19, where he became a Vicksburg attorney and Whig congressman.  He is still considered the greatest orator in the history of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The next picture is of a small courtyard area next to the Prentiss building, and the tree with the red berries is a large holly tree.  It was literally covered with some of the brightest red holly berries I've ever seen.

I love this elegant old concrete bench which was at a house next to the Seargent Prentiss building.

The building featured in the next four pictures is an old carriage house ...
I love the dormer window and dome on top. 

Another building I've never photographed until now is Planters' Hall.

Built in 1834, Planters' Hall housed the Vicksburg branch of Planters' Bank of Mississippi, until 1842.  Occupied by officers of the 28th Louisiana Regiment during the Siege of Vicksburg, it was acquired by the Vicksburg Council of Garden Clubs in 1956.

The detached building in back of the Hall was used as the kitchen ...

Notice how thick the brick walls are!

The next house could be featured on HGTV's "Curb Appeal" show. 

I love its colorful window box ...

And speaking of "curb appeal" ...
For a mere $449,000, you can own this historic 1910 mansion.
Can't you just imagine the glorious parties that were held there in its "glory days!"

The house pictured below has always fascinated me.  

It has been abandoned for several years, and now has a "Posted, No Trespassing, by the State of Mississippi" sign blocking the driveway. 

It must have been a grand house once, with its lantern-lined driveway and ornate fountain ... and I would love to know its history and the story of the family who lived there.  So sad to see it just sitting there ... unloved and unwanted.  

As I was heading home, I was delighted when I came across some lagniappe in the form of a patch of dandelions growing beside a sidewalk.  

I couldn't resist stopping and getting a closer look at these
beautiful little reminders that Spring is on its way ...

May your weekend be filled with "dandelion bouquets"
and lots of happy memories-in-the-making.


Merisi said...

Thank you so very much, Janie,
for sharing your beautiful day in the neighborhood!
One would not expect a concrete bench to be as lovely as the one you captured, and oh those buildings and dandelions already out to delight the heart.

I remember Mr, Rogers fondly. So lovely to watch! I close my eyes and hear his voice. I hope today's little children are still watching the reruns. He had so much to give and to share.

I shall have to put on my sweater vest and live this lovely place, but I am looking forward to come back again.

A wonderful weekend, filled with joy, to you and yours,

racheld said...

I've just been captivated by all the old bricks and glory you've set down to save and share! The proud, shabby places and the history are just laid out in all their splendidnesses, with no apologies and few regrets, I think.

I've enjoyed every minute, every glimpse, and would that I could delve into the history of that forsaken little dwelling all hedged and fenced away from prying eyes---it has almost the look of a garconierre, set apart in more chaste and demure days.

From that perfect peach Rachel house to the dandelion dancers holding hands awaiting a breeze, it's perfection---every snap.


Judy said...

we'll be in vicksburg on sunday...hopefully the weather will hold out.

i remember seeing that old stone building with all the windows out by the was hauntingly beautiful to me.

if you can think of any places (other than what you've already suggested) please feel free to e-mail me.

thanks janie!