Monday, February 18, 2013

Pictures from the Past

Just wondering if I'm the only one having problems with Blogger's new post editor. I use HTML formatting to create my posts, and I absolutely despise (to put it mildly) the new "improved" post editor. Until I can figure out how to get around it ... or master it! ... I'm just going to share some pictures from the past, and even that has me pulling my hair out!

Please let me know if you are having problems with the formatting, too.

The Bridges of Vicksburg
Sunrise over Biloxi
Sweet Magnolia
Life is just a Bowl of Cherries
Come Sit a Spell
Curtain Call

Life in a Fish Bowl

Best wishes to you for a happy and peaceful week,
wherever it may take you ...


Stacey said...

I confess that Blogger has me confused in general lately. I haven't kept up properly with all the changes. When doing a post I go back and forth between Compose and HTML. Maybe that will help.

racheld said...

Well, Hon,

You know it took me TWO YEARS to ever get a picture on my blog, so I'm the least qualified person to ask. Since i've had only one post since December, perhaps I've just not stumbled into the vagaries and convolutions.

I so love all your albums, and of course, the old draggity window is always my favorite---think of the days and the moments and the faces-at-the-window this spot has lived in its time. This one was inside a fence, possibly up a remote alley? I just know I felt a story flow from the whole area, at the time.

And a wonderful warm week to you, as well. We're hoping to have our Valentine's Day dinner tonight, and all that red certainly brightens things.

love and,