Monday, August 26, 2013

A Change in the Air

Is it just me, or does it seem to you that the passage of time is marching to a faster tempo these days? I feel as if it was just a few weeks ago when I was counting the days until Springtime ... and now here we are into the last week of August, and I can already feel a change in the air.  Granted, it's still hot and humid outside, but my "inner" season gauge has already kicked in and I'm ready to start decorating for Fall.

I thought I would wait at least until September 1st before packing up the "summer stuff," and getting the "Fall stuff" from the attic, but we're going to have our two-year-old grandson Maddox with us for a week beginning the first of September, and I know from experience that I won't be decorating or doing much of anything else besides playing and doing all the things that having a very active two-year-old boy underfoot entails.

His mommy and daddy are going on a cruise, and his big sister Avery will be staying at home with an aunt so she can go to school.  Maddox's great-grandparents are coming to help and to play which will be a big help to me and a treat for Maddox.  I'm so glad he is blessed to have them in his life and has gotten to know and love them.  And, of course, they think he and Avery are little Einsteins-in-the-making.

So, that's why I'm in my "Fall decorating mode" a little early this year.  I hope this finds you feeling a change in the air wherever you are, and looking forward to Fall, too.  It will be here before we know it!


C. M. Designs said...

I do feel a change in the air, Janie. It usually happens in my neck of the woods around this time in August.. I love it.
I'm going to wait a few more weeks before I get my Fall decorations out though.
I know you'll have a marvelous time with Maddox and your parents.. Maybe the four of you, will need a short vacation to rest up ?
I'll be thinking about you.
Charlotte in Virginia

racheld said...

Doesn't ALL of life consist of "before we know its" these days? I swear, the grapes on the enormous vine out back (little tee-ninecy things useful only for admiring and grateful birds) all nubbed out, swelled, and now are hanging like your wisteria, billions of little raisins-in-the-making.

And of course, The GG's know how smart those sweet little ones are!! Just look at that young man, mowing right along with the nap of the carpet.

Must get back to this Is it Summer?/ Fall? day. We've been so dry for two months it's a wonder we still have a leaf a-hangin'.

love and enjoy your boy!!

Pat said...

Yes Janie, you are confirming just what I have been feeling. I opened the front door the other morning and fresh, cool air came sweeping in, and we live in hot and humid Tallahassee.

And yes, time does seem to go by faster than ever. My sister and I have discussed that before.

Have a wonderful time with that precious little grandson. He is so beautiful.

Pat in Tallahassee

Sue said...

I am like you Janie, i just feel fall in my bones. Actually our temps. have been a little fallish around here, and it seems nice to have the rain gone.
What a special treat for you to have Maddox visit, I am wondering who is going to have the most fun.~smile~ Enjoy making memories.