Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Memories

As a way of saying 'goodbye' to summer, I'd like to present some of the pictures I captured this summer. 

Southern Grandiflora Magnolia
Vicksburg National Cemetery

Chaste Blossom

Purple Lantana

Summer Rose

Grandchildren growing up before our eyes ...

Grocery Store Flowers

Homegrown Tomatoes

 Crape Myrtle Blossom after a Summer Rain Shower

Black Swallowtail just Passing Through

Hummer visiting our Chaste Tree

Wild "Ditch Lilies"

Live Oaks of South Louisiana

Church Yard Daisies

I hope this has inspired you to think back on your summer and recall some of its shining moments.  I wish you a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend as we say a fond farewell to summer and look forward to Fall's upcoming arrival.


racheld said...

An entire Summer, caught perfect and whole, as these panes roll up. You are a true presser-of-the-petals, charmer of birds, confidante of swallowtails, as you capture the glimpses of the real and true, and our days melt past like dropped popsicles.

Save for your talented eye and lens, we'd too often merely look down, pick up the forgotten sticks, and walk on.

Churchyard daisies---what a charming name.


Pat said...


What a lovely Summer you have had as represented through your amazingly beautiful photos.

Yes, thank you and Happy Labor Day Weekend to you and your family as well.

Pat in Tallahassee

C. M. Designs said...

These are lovely moments and memories that you've captured. Thank you for sharing your summer, family and travels with us.
Have a happy, healthy, restful, peaceful weekend as we look forward to Fall and cooler weather.
Charlotte in Virginia