Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Passin' Through ...

This beautiful little creature was darting to and from our late summer Chaste Tree blossoms,
as if he was just passing through ... on his way to places unknown.

I'm so glad he stopped long enough for me to capture a few pictures.


Stacey said...

What a beauty! We've had lots too. They seem to really like my pentas. :)

Salmagundi said...

Those colors are unbelievable!!! Sally

Pat said...

Hi Janie,

Looks like you had a very interesting trip to Louisiana. All of your photos are so beautiful and sharp.

Happy Birthday to your sweet little grandson. He is so adorable.

The butterfly photos are exquisite....enjoying seeing your photos all the way from London....the Internet is amazing!

Pat from Tallahassee

Dorothy said...

Really beautiful pictures! I need to get a Chaste tree!!

racheld said...

Just making his little version of Swallowtail hay, I think.

There's nothing like a long session of watching butterflies going about their business to make yours seem small by comparison.

And the Chaste Tree---wish I'd known that name decades ago. The huge ones on the back of our yard were claimed on "her side" by our neighbor who just could not say "VAH-tex" enough. She also, like I did, likened them to "Liberachy's candlesticks."

I'm deep in Old Home Week mood, I think, from all your store pics and the delightful e-mails I've been receiving from a just-discovered set of cousins I've never met. It's lovely to swap stories---his Dad was my Mammaw's brother, but we just never got together, for they lived in Memphis, and we were WAY south of there.

Slowly putting together bits and pieces about the pictures, and will claim some when time's close. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Best to all of Y'all.

love and,


Sue said...

Beautiful, Janie, and the butterfly dressed to match the Chaste tree blossoms. Thanks for sharing.