Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bear's Breeches

Back in the early Spring we redid an area in our courtyard, and our landscape contractor introduced me to a pretty little plant with a cute name -- Bear's Breeches (also known as Acanthus).

We planted two in a flower bed beside our water feature, and they did well for a few weeks ... until warm weather arrived, at least.  They just couldn't take the midday and afternoon sun, so we moved them to a shadier location, which they liked much better.

Unfortunately, a mole or some other little burrowing critter found the leaves on one of them to be quite tasty, and the plant didn't survive his nibblings.  Happily, though, the other plant is alive and well and now has a spiky little bud in the middle of it ...

The following picture, which I borrowed from a nursery website (Munchkin Nursery), shows an Acanthus bloom.  You can click on the link to visit Munchkin Nursery (love their name!) and read a cute description of Bear's Breeches.

I also found the following information at a Better Homes and Gardens website:
Bear's Breeches (Acanthus)
A majestic plant, Bear's Breeches is like a living sculpture in the garden. It offers sturdy spires of white or pink blooms with papery purple bracts that make a dramatic statement, as does the rich-green, spiny-looking foliage.
The plants tolerate poor, dry soil once established but need regular moisture to get started. In well-drained soil bear's breeches can spread to become a large colony, but it is not invasive.

Light:            Part Sun, Sun
Type:            Perennial
Height:          From 1 to 8 feet
Width:           2-4 feet wide
Flower Color:  Blue, Pink, White
Seasonal Features:  Spring and Summer Blooms
                             Drought Tolerant

Special Features:     Cut Flowers, Good for Containers

Zones: 4-10

I plan to capture pictures of my acanthus as the bud grows, which you can almost see each day ... and, hopefully, I'll be able to share a picture of a flower soon, too!

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Pat said...


How nice to learn about your pretty little plant called Bear's Breeches. Have never heard or seen that plant.

Your photos are beautiful and I look forward to seeing the blossoms unfold.

Pat in Tallahassee