Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June is Bustin' Out All Over!

My husband and I visited Natchez yesterday, and I'd like to share some of the pictures I captured while we were there. Natchez is beautiful year-round, but is especially lovely in June!
I hope you will join me next time to see some of the other pictures I captured during our visit ... like this old treasure.  It has an interesting story, too!


Stacey said...

Just beautiful! The crepe myrtles are blooming like that here too. It's unbelievable how many blooms there are on the trees and on the ground. You are such a talented photographer!

Pat said...

What a lovely Southern setting for your amazingly beautiful photos.

It was a special treat to see your blog today.

Pat in Tallahassee

racheld said...

Oh, My. Girl, you Do Beat All.

You walked me right through my Mammaw's garden---every color of crape myrtle, especially MY watermelon, and flags (cannas) and zeenyers, too!

What a treat! A few Peace Roses and a coupla Elberta peach trees, and I'm THERE.

And where on earth have I seen that green building before?? It rings a whole carillon of bells.

I just loved this!

Beth said...

Yes, it is lovely! Our crepe myrtles are in full, loaded bloom from the rain we've had here. They are stunning in your pictures, too. I especially like the day lily peaking through the fence!

Michelle Palmer said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Was a joy to find your beautiful blog~ such a wonderful 'walk with you!'
Thank you for sharing such beauty!

The Flower Lady's Husband said...

Just started two crape myrtles this spring-- wish us luck! Beautiful photos, as always.