Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Odds and Ends

[Blog Post No. 1203]

Just thought I'd share a few pictures today ... a few "odds and ends" photos I've captured of things that caught my eye when I was out and about with my camera. If you are a regular visitor to Southern Lagniappe, you may have seen some of these, but I think there are a few I haven't shared in previous posts. I hope you like them!

Lettuce in my Daddy's Fall Garden
Cardinal in Bay Magnolia Tree
Pine Seed Pod
Profile of a Sunflower
Leaves in Water
Church Bell
Window Vines
Our Daily Bread
Blue Cottage in Natchez, Mississippi
Mama-to-Be Cat

And last, but not least ...
Bamboo Forest
Avery Island, Louisiana

In one of my favorite poems, Edgar Guest wrote: "In photographs only can yesterdays live" ... and as I shared these pictures today, I enjoyed reliving the fond memories of the "when, where, and how" I captured them.


Dorothy said...

They are all winners, in my book! I love to see good photography, such as this!

Pat said...


Every photo is so beautiful.

The cat photo is amazing and the little blue house. The loaf of bread is so sharp it looks like you could reach out and have a bite.

Always enjoy seeing all of your photos.

Thanks for sharing Janie,
Pat in Tallahassee