Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I always feel a bit nostalgic this time of year ... as a year ends and a new one begins. I'm looking forward to the new year and the adventures it will bring, but I can't help looking backwards, too.

As I take a trip down "memory lane," I have a tendency to dwell on times that, at least in my mind, seemed to be kinder, gentler, and simpler than the fast-paced world in which we live today. And as I reminisce, I recall so many people and things from those kinder, gentler days that I miss.

Like cabooses ... sometimes I wonder if I am the only person who misses seeing a caboose at the end of a train, and the friendly conductor who always waved to us as it passed.

To me, it's like a sentence without a period ... or an "i" without a dot over it -- a train should have a caboose!

I also miss clotheslines, with their cheerful patchwork of colors decorating backyards in small towns all across America. Every yard used to have a clothesline, but they are a rarity these days.

[Photo by Anne Kimberly]

And speaking of rarities -- I miss Johnny Carson, who was truly one of a kind.

And the extraordinarily-talented Mr. Dean Martin. I loved his tv show ...

I miss Andy, Opie, Barney, and Aunt Bea, too, and think the world would be a better place if they still made tv shows about life in places like Mayberry.

Do you remember those wonderful old Doris Day movies? I love Doris and always wished my hair looked like hers.

Another actress I loved was Natalie Wood. It was heartbreaking to lose her at such a young age.

Here are a few more people and things I miss ...

The Carol Burnett Show

Paul Newman

Mr. Ronald Reagan

I was never really an Elvis fan until after his death, but I miss him. The story of his life fascinates me and I'm sorry I didn't get to see him perform in person.

I miss seeing the Delta Queen docking at the Water Front in Vicksburg.

I miss country music -- real country music, as it was meant to be played ... with the twang of a steel guitar and the sound of a fiddle in the background.

I miss Chet and Conway and Johnny Cash.

And this man ...

I miss LaVyrle Spencer's books (if you've never read one, be sure and google her. Ms. Spencer's books are as good as the covers are pretty).

I miss the wit and wisdom of Erma Bombeck and Lewis Grizzard.

I miss Paul Harvey's resonant voice telling us "the rest of the story."

I miss the gracious and elegant Laura Bush.

And the youthful Sean Connery as James Bond (he will always be the only James Bond, as far as I'm concerned).

I could go on and on, but I'm sure there are things and people you miss, too, from times you think of as being kinder and gentler ... and I would love to hear about them.


jidgede said...

thank you so much for the walk down memory lane and yes i miss all that too.....but probably the ones i miss the most are george and laura.......i love your blog and even though i don't leave a comment often i click you on every day to check in on the southern mississippi girl!!!!! enjoy your pics and your comments so much.....because of your blog, i visit the "georgia log homes" website often and want to visit them soon!!!! can't think of the north georgia bavarian town but i also want to go there.....hope you have a wonderful and happy new year!!!! keep blogging!!!! jennie in (humboldt) tn <><

racheld said...

Thank you, Janie, for the gentle morning stroll to sunnier things and fondly-remembered people.

May I echo your remembrances and add Grady Nutt, Miss Minnie Pearl, Walter Cronkite, Gladys Taber, Christopher Reeve, Bea Richards, Pam & Jerry North, Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific, Kraft Theater, Richard Boone, All-Day Singin's and Dinner on the Grounds, Andy Williams, Martha Rae, the smell of First Turning, mud pies, snow cream, caftans, the scent of burning leaves, little markets with a butcher case and a coke box with ice in it, flappy screen doors, orange popsicles, Rob and Laura, chenille spreads, vanity skirts, Plum Nuts ice cream, throwing bread to the bears, church bells, going caroling, hayrides, Vacation Bible School, Juicy Fruit, black telephones and TAXI.

How I DO go on.

Happiest of New Years!!

Loui♥ said...

It is the innocence I miss most from those times gone by...
where kids could be kids and be entertained by the breadth of their imagination and not electronic gadgetry, where flying the friendly skies was not about terrorists lurking with myriad extremist ideas to bring down an airliner..but an exciting luxurious affordable adventure..
besides missing the Bushes along with entertainers from that kinder gentler time..I miss reverence for our Maker and how He has been removed from so much in which we hold sacred and believe....
but in my heart, mind and memories..those times in my America continue..
thanks for sharing the walk down memory lane..
I'll join you anytime..
warm hugs, laughing smiles..

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

How much you and I are alike, seems we miss the same people and things. I really miss the real country music and the Bushes...Laura is so Elegant and has a dignity about her that the country needs. She is a true lady.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane...

Loui♥ said...

Janie..thanks for stopping by my B posting..
please stop back by and check out my latest..just posted!
here's to looking forward friendships..both new and renewed!
hugs and smiles..Loui♥

Tonja said...

How could I top all the friends who posted before me? It seems we all are of a like mind about these things!

I miss going to the little grocery store down the road. It had penny candy in glass jars on the counter, and old Mr. Cherry would always throw in a few extra!

Speaking of TV shows, I actually remember the day we got our first color TV. We were the talk of the block! And, at that time, all the shows were not color yet, some were still in b/w.

Thanks for this trip down memeory lane!

Cottage Rose said...

What a beautiful post... We seem to have a lot in common,, I have all of Doris Day's movies,, love her,, but then I love old movies and blk, white ones.. I long for those day's again too...

Happy New Year;