Monday, October 4, 2010

The Rose and the Morning Glories

I keep thinking, with each new rosebud that opens on the climbing rose vine growing on our arbor, that it will be the last rose of the summer. I captured this pretty little rosebud last week and included it in a post called, Summer's End.

Over the weekend, I noticed that it had opened, and I snapped these close ups of it.

Isn't it exquisite!

I also captured some pictures of our granddaughter Avery Grace's Morning Glories, that she and I planted back in the Spring. They are beginning to fade now, but still have some glorious blossoms left on the vines.

Here are some close ups of Morning Glory buds I captured in August ...

What an amazing and sweet little flower, and so deserving of their name.

I'm so glad I captured the pictures of the Morning Glories for Avery Grace. She was so excited a couple of weekends ago when she was visiting, and took everyone to the back yard to show us her Morning Glories. There's nothing like sharing God's glory with a child — and seeing the joy in their eyes as they discover it for themselves.


Merisi said...

Glorious, each and every one bud and blossom you captured!

RachelD said...

Oh, the blush rose, with the soft pink inside like a heartbeat.

And Avery's Morning Glories!! I've always loved the way they twirl themselves into their naps, like bright soft umbrellas. Just that one small item in all the beee-jillions of the items in the world---that bespeaks a PLAN and a purpose in all the Greatness that there is.

Tonja said...

Don't you just imagine that God had such fun creating all the glorious flowers to decorate His world. So many kinds...colors...scents...each as pretty as the next. I love morning glories!

Jenni said...

What a sweet, darling little rose bud! Your pic of it on the previous post inspired me to post the lyrics of one of my favorite songs: "When God unfolds the Rose" on my blog....Thanks so much for the "Lagniappe Lens!"

And the morning glories are truly glorious!