Friday, January 20, 2012

Answered Prayers and Miracles

Seeing God's amazing Love and Grace at work in your life is a truly humbling experience.

My family and I strongly felt His presence amongst us this past week, as He led us to a compassionate and highly skilled surgeon who said he could help my 87-year-old dad, who had colon cancer. Notice I said, "had." Wednesday of this week, Daddy underwent surgery under the capable hands of his surgeon, who completely removed the tumor. Yesterday, Daddy was told that the cancer was confined to that one spot, and he is completely cured and will not have to have any further treatments!

Praise God from Whom all Blessings and Miracles flow!

So very many prayers were answered, and I sincerely thank all of you — my compassionate and loving blogging friends — for your heartfelt prayers and concern. Throughout this ordeal, your notes have brightened my days and lifted my spirits countless times and, even though we have never met in person, I am sincerely grateful for your presence in my life.

Daddy will most likely be discharged from the hospital next Monday, and I can't wait to get him and my mother back home, safe and sound, and on their way to a complete and speedy recovery. I will be spending a few days getting them "settled," and God has blessed them with loving family, friends, and neighbors close by, so I know they are going to be fine, once they get home. They are already planning their garden they're going to plant this Spring, which is just around the corner!


Dorothy said...

"God is so Good"! I did pray for your Dad, as many others did! I felt sure that this would be the outcome! Praise the Lord! As I told you before, my M I L had that same surgery with no treatment afterwards and she lived many more years. It IS a rough surgery and will take time mending but I feel sure he will be okay.
Wishing you Peace and Blessings, Dorothy

RachelD said...

What a wonderful first message with First Cup!! Just one glance at the bright flame of the iris is testament to every word.

My very best thoughts and wishes to your parents---and to YOU, Sweetpea! Your love just pours through the page.


Carolyn said...

So glad to hear your Dad will recover completely with no further treatment.
They are blessed to have you close.

Loui♥ said...

So thankful for this wonderful report!
Yes, Our Lord hears our prayers..
and responds..
prayers of continued healing for your Dad..
Prayers of love for you and yours!
warmest hugs..

Jenni said...

PRaise the Lord.... Janie, I am rejoicing with you in this wonderful news... I have thought of y'all and prayed for y'all repeatedly.... Isn't God good??


LindaG said...

How wonderful! Have a blessed weekend. ♥

nancygrayce said...

Praise our dear Lord! I've been praying (I write in a prayer journal so I don't forget) for Southern Lagniappe's dad! :) The Lord knows who we are praying for. I'm so thankful for this answered prayer. I always tell people, blogs may seem silly to some, but it's the biggest prayer chain I know of!

Robert Walker said...

God is good!

Churaipon Chintakanont Klaijumlang said...

Janie, God has blessed you with beautiful life and family. He also manifests Himself through your life and family. I am very sorry that I have not visited your blog lately and have just learned about your father's surgery very late. Yet, reading what you shared made me smile. Love is what God gave and love is what you have shown. We have seen God's love through all activities you share. Even through this difficult time, God's love still shines. I am grateful that I could get a full look at this wonderful love through your sharing. I love my dad and am so happy to hear that you are with your dad during this time. You all are in my prayers. Our love from Thailand!!!

Tonja said...

Isn't it the most wonderful feeling in all the world to KNOW that God has reached down and touched someone that you love? To KNOW that healing came about because He made it so! What joy and happiness you must be feeling with such wonderful news! I pray that he continues to live his happy life with no lasting effects from the surgery.