Friday, January 13, 2012


When I am photographing architecture, I find myself looking up a lot of the time, and I'm always glad I do, because I never cease to find interesting details to capture — especially when it comes to windows! The following photos of windows are just a few I've captured during my ramblings.

This old church stands in a field in the Mississippi Delta, and its windows have long been "gone with the wind."

I love the simple beauty of this vine's tendrils reaching toward the light from this old barn window.

This is one of my favorite windows, which is on an old building in downtown Vicksburg.

This family mausoleum in the Natchez City Cemetery is impressive on the outside, but I'm so glad I stopped to admire it up close.

If you click on the picture and look a little closer, you can see a tiny bit of light coming from the back of the tomb.

I'm so glad I stopped to get a closer look, because I would have missed this magnificent stained glass window.

A huge bear playing "Peek-A-Boo" from an upstairs window of a shop in downtown Vicksburg. Poor thing, it looks like he lost one of his eyes, so I guess that's why he was banished to the attic.

This window is in Old Town Vicksburg, and every time I see it I wonder what those old tattered drapes looked like when they were new.

This window in an old building in Yazoo City, looks like it could be somewhere in France or Italy.

Ornate bank window, downtown Vicksburg

Old Sisters of Mercy Convent, Vicksburg

Old carriage house window

Window above the entrance to Vicksburg's City Hall

This beautiful old Victorian home in Natchez caught my eye.

Upon closer inspection, I saw this guy looking down from a third story window. He looked sort of like a mannequin, and I thought he was kind of creepy.

I love this shop window in downtown Vicksburg. It reminds me of the 1950s.

And, last, but not least, where else, but in Natchez, Mississippi, would you see a sign like this one in a downtown shop window?

The next time you are out sightseeing, or just walking down a city street, don't forget to look up and notice the windows above you. I think you'll be surprised to see what you've been missing.

[P.S. — If you would like to see some of my pictures of Church Windows, you can click on the link]


Dorothy said...

That is an odd house with the 'man' peeping out the window!!! These are all interesting!!!

Richard Cottrell said...

Love them all, one of my favorite pass times, and even more so since I started blogging. Richard from My Old Historic House.