Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Days

Go out and make it a happy day ...
And "let your little light shine" for everyone you meet along the way.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

So sweet, Janie!



One Shabby Old House said...

That just made me smile.

racheld said...

These are just the most charming little birdies I think I've ever seen. The round faces and tee-ninecy coal eyes and carroty noses made me think they were little snowmen before I got to the bottom of the picture.

And the HATS!! Both Kit (8) and Sweetpea (6) have worn a succession of these little what I think of as Icelandic hats, with the dangly Pippi Longstocking braid flaps. I think them the most enchanting of chapeaux, and might even think of wearing one myself sometime.

The girls have peeked out from beneath frog eyes, teddy ears, tall peaks, little pompons, stripes and stars and Sweetpea's favorite---a sock-monkey face, ever since they were born, I think, and those will never go out of style.

Where DID you get those birds?They've just taken my heart, like our two little girls. Absolutely charming.

love and,

Rachel---whose light seems to be gleaming pretty well lately---hoping for a nice shine, and a big BEAM pretty soon.

And I'd LOVE to use the picture!