Thursday, March 13, 2014

Garden Cart Makeover

This is a follow up to my previous post featuring a few of my "Spring makeover" projects. If you'd like to read that post before continuing with this one, you can click on the following link:

This is the garden cart I mentioned in that post ...

The cart had several layers of paint, some of which was chipping off, and definitely needed some attention. After vigorously scraping the cart with a wire brush, I sprayed it with the primer coat.

I was fortunate to have an excellent little helper ... our granddaughter Avery Grace, who is out of school this week for Spring Break.

I didn't let her do a lot of the spraying because it was very windy yesterday, but at least she got to spray a little, which is always the "fun part" of a makeover project.

Here is our garden cart with its bright new sunshiny yellow paint beside the newly-painted turquoise bench, whose transformation was shown in my previous post ...

I haven't gotten any new spring flowers for it yet, because we're still having cold nights with temperatures in the lower 30s [there was frost this morning!].  I'll share pictures of it when I finish decorating it ... hopefully, soon!

Avery is eight and in the third grade, and every time I see her it seems as if she has grown several inches. Every minute we spend with her is precious, and it means so much to me that she still wants to spend her Spring Break with us.  I cherish this time with her, and hope she will have some happy memories that will be with her forever.

We are going to meet her mommy and daddy and little brother Maddox today at the Jackson Zoo.  It should be a fun, springlike day, and I hope to capture some sweet memories with my camera.


Stacey said...

I can't believe how Avery has grown!! I guess I've been reading your blog a long time because I remember when she was a toddler. :)

Your cart is adorable in bright yellow. Great choice!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

She is really growing up! Wow! It happens overnight. Our godchildren are in Cotillion. How scary is that! Next they will be in college! Yikes! You really do want to freeze them in time.

Have fun with the visit, Janie!



C M Designs said...

My goodness, Avery is quite a young lady now.. She's such a pretty little girl.
I really like your yellow garden cart.. You made a wonderful choice of colors to brighten your garden.
Have fun at the zoo.
Charlotte in Virginia

racheld said...

Your charming helper is the brightest spot in the whole garden.

Just the thought of a paint can in my hand, with the plastic laid down so neat and so ready---that's as foreign a thought to me right now as Madagascar. The chaos of limbs and leaves and Winter's detritus and trash is still so rampant in our yard that even thinking of painting one of the needing-it benches---that would be mere lipstick on a pig, in my circumstance.

As soon as this snow is gone---mess, melt and threat---I'm going to welcome Spring with a fervor not seen since 1986, with brooms and saws and paint. Meanwhile, thoughts of that sweet smile and the bright yellow cart will do nicely to warm the chill.

You bring me Spring, even when the pictures show freeze. Thank you, Dear Friend.