Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bridges of Vicksburg

The City of Vicksburg, Mississippi, perched high on the bluffs of the picturesque Mississippi River, is literally a treasure trove of photographs just waiting to be taken. One of the most-photographed scenes in Vicksburg is probably the twin bridges that span the Mississippi River.

I have a modest collection of pictures I've taken of the bridges, and of the river, which I'd like to share today.

Of all the pictures I've taken (of the bridges), this shot of a train crossing the river at sunset is my all-time favorite ...

Sometimes, sepia-toned photographs are more interesting than color ones. I think that is true of the next two pictures.

The Ameristar Casino at Sunset

And this is the sunset a few minutes later ...

Fun with Photoshop ...

Although the following pictures were taken on the Yazoo Diversion Canal, which branches off the Mississippi, they are some of my most treasured ones because they were taken on November 3, 2008, which was the last time the Delta Queen docked at Vicksburg. On that particular day, the American Queen was here, too, and I was disappointed to see that the Delta Queen was partially hidden behind it. But it was still an exciting day and one I'll remember for a long time (especially since it was my birthday, too!).

American Queen

Compared to a lot of pictures taken of the bridges and the river at Vicksburg, mine are, at best, mediocre. If you would like to see a collection of truly breathtaking photographs, you should visit my blogging friend Marty Kittrell's blog. Marty has the extraordinary talent of being able to see God's glory in everything around us, and he captures it beautifully in his photographs.

This is one of Marty's awesome pictures of the bridges.

It was fun going through my pictures again, and it inspired me to revisit the bridges to see if I can get some better shots of them. So many photographs waiting to be taken -- so little time!


Deb said...

your photos are should make a calendar with them all...

racheld said...

What a milestone you've captured!!

I've never seen an actual riverboat, despite my having lived so close to the Mighty Mississippi for so many years, but one of our favorite restaurants in another little town here has murals all around the walls---the race between the Natchez and the Robert E. Lee.

I get a crick in my neck every visit, just looking at the pictures.

And bridges and trains---if I had a little heart smiley, I'd put it RIGHT HERE!

Dot said...

What a joy your pictures brought to me. I am a Mississippi lady who left there in 1960 but still hold a special place in my heart for the wonderful years of growing up in Jackson and north MS. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.
Dot in beautiful NE Georgia

Stacey said...


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I love you prospective on picture taking, your photos are anything but mediocre..they are so bright and beautiful. I also like the photo of the train crossing the bridge. How fortunate you are to live so close to the mighty MS
Hope you day is bright and warm.

Loui said...

Just beautiful!!
You are correct..Even I have photos of the bridges..made so many years ago..
thanks for sharing!
warm hugs..laughing smiles..

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Those are amazing shots, Janie! Stunning in their beauty! You captured the bridges to perfection. Bravo!


Sheila :-)

Donna said...

Beautiful photos! You are an amazing photographer. I love the one of the train crossing at sunset as well.

Cottage Rose said...

Don't sell yourself short,, your photos are so amazingly beautiful.. the sun set is just stunning.. they would fit in perfectly in a gallery... thank you for sharing them... very enjoyable..