Monday, April 26, 2010

A Night Visitor

The other night my husband was lowering the blinds on our front doors and saw this little guy attached to the outside of the glass.

My husband called me to "come look," and, of course, I couldn't resist capturing him with my camera (you can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you'd like to see him closer).

We have a pond in our courtyard and now that spring is here, we are serenaded at night by frogs that sound like they're huge. I walked outside the other night and as I approached the pond, one jumped into the water. He couldn't have been much bigger than our little night visitor, who was only about two inches long (with his legs folded up).

I tried to identify him by looking at pictures and descriptions of frogs on the Internet, but couldn't decide between some kind of green frog or bullfrog. Whatever they are, there's just something calming and comforting to me about their nighttime chorus, and I'm so glad they chose our pond for their summer home.


Barbara said...

Morning, I love to here the frogs at night....we are usually serenaded by our Turkey gobbling if he sees something in the yard and early morning.


racheld said...

I DO love a peep-frog symphony in the dusk of a Summer night!!

This little guy looks almost like a combination of frog/toad with the frog's little sucky feet and a toad's markings. And the goldy belly---that's pretty.

And if you ever have to catch one in the house, get it off of the window or your windshield, etc., don't forget to wet your hand first---a dry hand hurts their delicate little skin.

Beth at Aunties said...


I am so glad your beautiful Vicksburg was spared and your family is safe. So many friends were who live in Miss and Ala were in my thoughts and prayers all day Saturday.
I visted Yazoo City through your wonderful posts this morning (thanks) and pray they too will be able to recapture their charming Southern hospitality, lives and homes.
I am happy you get to enjoy the wonderous sounds of a froggie chorus at night. I What brilliant colors your visitor has. We have the sounds of crickets to enhance our evenings.
Good luck in doing what you can to help your neighbors rebuild.
~♥ Beth

midnight macaroons said...

I always enjoy looking over your pictures. They are always so beautiful. The little frog is really cute.

That's horrible about Yazoo County. We have family in the Jackson area. We are heart broken to see the images on the news. Mississippi is at the top of our prayer list today.


Deb said...

now that is a fun visitor...hopefully he was eating any bugs that might be buzzing around...

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Great shots, I think it is what we always called the common toad, or that is what he looks like, but sticking to the window he acts like a tree frog.
Don't you just love how some shots are just handed to you. I wish I'd had more time to photo the lizard Redman found but his Daddy was rushing him into Church.

Tonja said...

One of the first times I haven't wanted to click on the picture to enlarge! Not that I don't appreciate your skills as a photographer...I do...I just think you made such a great picture that there is really no need to enlarge. Yes. That's just what I mean. :)

Carolyn said...

Love the little frog pictures. We live on Cross Lake and also have a nightly chorus to sing us to sleep. After a rain it can even be thundering!
So thankful you were spared the storm. My heart hurts for those whose homes and lives were destroyed.