Monday, April 19, 2010

Planting Morning Glories

One of the things I love most about blogging is that it is such a wonderful way of recording and sharing family memories and photographs. This post features a story about our granddaughter which I wanted to save for my family journal and photo album, and I thought this would be the best way to do that. Although I wrote it mainly for my family, I thought I would also share it with those of you who have watched Avery grow up through my blog stories and photographs.

In the Spring of 2008, when she was two-and-a-half years old, our granddaughter Avery Grace and I planted Morning Glories for the first time. I didn't take pictures when we planted them, but I did get a couple of pictures of Avery when she saw the blooms for the first time. I wouldn't take anything for capturing the wide-eyed look of wonder on her face, and then a shy little smile as she saw the flowers up close ...

Our Morning Glories were very pretty that summer, but weren't as "profuse" as I had hoped they would be.

We planted some again last Spring and waited and waited, but they never came up. We were disappointed, but I guess it turned out okay because Avery learned a lesson about Nature ... not everything Grandmama plants comes up.

Avery is going to turn five on May 11th (where did the time go?), and this past weekend we planted our Morning Glories.

This time we planted three packets of seeds so, hopefully, we will have some sprout. Here are a few of the pictures I captured of Avery helping me plant them.

Three packets, Grandmama?

First, you have to loosen the dirt ...

Planting flowers is hard work.
You get hot and the pine straw scratches.

Next, you make a "row" to plant the seeds in.

The seeds are really little and stick to your hands.

Now it's time to plant the seeds.

Then you cover them with dirt ...

And gently pat the dirt down over them.

Next, you brush the dirt off your hands and water the seeds.

Thank you, Granddaddy, for bringing me my watering can ("Granddaddy" is my dad, Avery's Great Granddaddy).

I think it's neat the way I caught the water in mid-stream in the next picture (you can click on the picture to enlarge it, if you'd like).

"Please, God, send lots of rain and sunshine
to make our Morning Glories grow."

Postscript: You probably noticed that Avery's hairstyle hasn't changed much in three years. There's a reason for that which will be the subject of my post for tomorrow.


Stacey said...

She's so precious and growing so much. :) I do hope your Morning Glories come up this time. They are beautiful!

Loui said...

I think morning glory seeds need to be soaked before planting to loosen the hard shell..
I too planted seed out of the entire pack sprouted..
think I'll do 4o'clocks this time!
warmest hugs..
laughing smiles..

Lisa said...

I don't know who's more beautiful, Avery or your morning glories.:)

racheld said...

Thank you, Janie. Thank you.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Memories for you and her both to cherish. Can't wait to see if the Morning Glories come up. I like your Lady Banks Roses...I had to trim mine back cause it's runners were hanging in the path way.
Thanks for sharing

Tonja said...

I actually have memories of our Morning Glory vine and flowers at our little house on Third Avenue. I don't remember it being planted, but I do remember running to see it every morning. What sweet memories Avery will have of this sweet time. And, she has pics to go along with it! But, you should
get in some of those pictures with her!

Happy@Home said...

I can't believe the timing of your post as after doing a little blog reading my next job is to plant my morning glory seeds.
When I saw your header picture I nearly gasped. I adore morning glories and this post sure put a smile on my face today. What a sweet little helper you have and a lucky little girl to have a grandma who is teaching her all about gardening. I hope your seeds grow strong and healthy this year.

MeenyMoe said...

Avery Grace makes those morning glories pale in comparison! She gets more and more pretty every year!


Deb said...

I love 4 o'clocks...I don't have any blue ones...mine are purple and pink...she is just the photo with your dad...