Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God and His Angels

Just a quick update on things here.

Our daughter continues to do well during her hospital stay, and the baby is scoring the highest rating on his daily biophysical profile tests, so that is good news! He is 27 weeks old now, and we are praying that he can stay in his mommy's womb until he is developed enough not to have to fight for life when he is born.

My husband continues to improve every day during his recovery from his hip replacement surgery, and God is giving us all the things we need to get through this difficult time. So many prayers have been answered, and I have personally felt the presence of some of His Angels surrounding us.

I have received several notes expressing concern about our safety from the flooding of the Mississippi River here in Vicksburg. Fortunately, most of Vicksburg is high and dry, but my heart and prayers go out to those who have already lost and who will lose their homes ... and to the farmers in the Louisiana and Mississippi Deltas who have lost their crops due to flooding. I pray each and every one of them will feel the presence of God and His Angels helping them through each day, too.

I hope to get out at some point today and take a few pictures of Vicksburg, as it endures its most recent Siege ... this time from the Mighty Mississippi, instead of Union soldiers.


Marlene said...

Thank you so very much for sharing your good news and keeping us updated. We will keep the prayers going for your family and also for all those in the flood areas who are enduring what must be so heartbreaking.

Jenni said...

So glad to hear the good report... I'll keep praying.....

And glad to hear that y'all are high and dry and not overtaken with all the flooding! Goodness! My heart breaks for those people affected, too... May God give them help and strength as only He can!


Deb said...

so glad all is going well for your family and your area...I think about you when they show the floods....

Tonja said...

Am so glad to get the news that the baby is doing well, and hubby, too! Wow! When it rains...it pours, doesn't it? And, you are the one who is holding everyone together, aren't you? That's what the Mom is for!
You and your family are in my prayers. I'm praying for healing, and for strength, and for peace for Avery.
God bless you my friend.