Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trying Times

I'm going to have to be away for a while, and ask that you remember my family in your thoughts and prayers.

If you are a regular visitor here at Southern Lagniappe, you know that my husband had hip replacement surgery last week and is at home recuperating. Yesterday, our daughter Whitney, who is six months pregnant with our second grandchild, was admitted to a hospital in Jackson (about an hour away from Vicksburg), due to problems related to her pregnancy. She will have to have complete bed rest for what could be several weeks.

I'm going to have my hands full juggling between caring for my husband, taking care of our granddaughter Avery Grace (who will turn six tomorrow) ... and worrying about our daughter and not being able to be there with her and her husband.

I could use a couple of clones to help out during this trying time, but I have seen the power of prayer at work many times in our lives, and know that God will give me the strength and wisdom to do what I have to do ... one day at a time.

Your prayers will be very much appreciated.


racheld said...

Oh, Sweetpea!!! Prayers and thoughts coming your way for all of it, and all your Lovies.

How I WISH I could be there to help out---I've been nurse and care-taker to quite a few family members through surgery and illness and babies. DD#2 had to have eight weeks of BR before Gracie, and so I know exactly what you mean, and I didn't have another someone needing me in that way at the time.

Do take care of YOU, as well.

Thinking of you all,


racheld said...

And a very Happy Sixth Birthday to your Avery!!! May she totally concentrate on her birthday and have no cares.

You KNOW she'll be happy just to be with you so much. Little ones don't dwell a great lot on reasons for things; they mostly accept and enjoy the positive---which will be having you close, whatever the cause.

Judy said...

First of all, happy birthday to Avery...the twins will be 7 (!) on May 21st.

Also, hoping your hubby has a speedy recovery.

Now about your daughter....when I was 5 mo. pregnant with my now-almost 35 year old daughter, I went into labor on Mother's Day. I went to the ER and the dr. could not stop the labor & other complications....I prayed all night that God would keep my baby safe and allow me to deliver her. In October of that year (she was 3 weeks late) she made her appearance....perfect in every way. I call her my "miracle baby" to this day. Janie, I am praying that all will be well with your daughter and her pregnancy. Please know you all are in my prayers daily.


Deb said...

sending up prayers to your family...hope all works out well for all..

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Janie,
Hope everything works out for your family.

I'll miss you, and will pray for you and your daughter and your husband.

Love ya,

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Oh, and here's to wishing Avery a very happy birthday!

Jenni said...

Oh dear heart... I will definitely put y'all on my prayer list! I am sorry that trying times have come a knockin'....

Just hang in there... God Cares! and We do too!

In His Love,

Merisi said...

I am so sorry to hear you are burdened by heavy thoughts about your daughter while caring for Avery Grace and your husband! My thoughts and best wishes for your daughter!

Happy Birthday to Avery Grace! May you all enjoy a day of cheer with her.

Warm Hugs,

jidgede said...

you sweet lady, praying now for you and your daughter especially....jennie in tn <><

jeremiah 29:11

Marlene said...

I, too, echo all the sentiments of friends for a speedy recovery of your husband, and for the safe completion of your daughters pregnancy. Sending prayers and healing thoughts. And Happy Birthday to little Avery Grace..6 is a very big number!

Carolyn said...

I will be praying for you and your family especially for this little one waiting to be born.
Happy Birthday to Avery!
Your family is blessed to be in your care.

Picket said...

Hey sweetie...praying that your hubby recovers even faster than expected and that your daughter and little one be well...Happy birthday to your precious granddaughter..and may God give you peace and strength...this too shall pass...it shall be well...take care girl...Picket