Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good News

I have good news to share today— my husband is doing very well following his second hip replacement surgery. He has even resumed driving, for which we are both very thankful, because he doesn't handle the role of "passenger" very well when I am driving.

Some more good news is that our daughter Whitney came home from the hospital last Friday, and she and the baby are both doing well. She is still on complete bed rest, but just being home is a blessing. Her doctor will continue to monitor the baby by weekly biophysical profile tests, but he has been "ace-ing" all of his tests so far by scoring 8's, which is the highest rating a baby can score! Bless his little heart, he's not even born yet and his grandmother is already bragging on him!

I can't usually tell much about ultrasound pictures, but there was no mistaking the precious little face in this one. Whitney said they could actually see him blinking his eyes!

We are praying that he will stay safe and healthy inside his mommy for another six weeks.

I've missed visiting my blogging friends while I've been away, and hope to catch up some this week. I'd like to thank you all again for keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. God has answered so many of them, and we count our blessings every day.


Deb said...

that is awesome happy for your family...

racheld said...

You just Brag right ON, Sweetpea!! He's totally precious, and Y'all are all taking such good care of him.

So glad your Dearie's hip is recuperating so nicely, and that Whitney is doing so well---home is where we most long to be.

I'm also SO glad you can feel the uplift of the prayers and thoughts.

Marlene said...

Wonderful news! Stay safe, little one.

Judy said...

wonderful news on all counts! when i saw you little grandson's ultrasound, i knew that everything was going good with him and your daughter.

thanks for sharing the news janie!


Jenni said...

I am Rejoicing with you in God's blessings!

Love the ultra sound! He is gonna be a doll....

Oh this all just makes me so happy; it's great to hear some good news!


Tonja said...

I think it is such a miracle that we can actually peek in on these little ones before they are here. It is so amazing! He's gonna be a cutie!

Glad everyone is doing well. And the hubby is driving...good news!

I'm gonna keep them on my prayer list for a little while longer, though! Extra prayers never hurt a bit, do they?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news all happy for you ALL !!

Yes we must count our blessings everyday...

God Bless,
Kathy :)

MeenyMoe said...

I've taken a break from the blogging world and got so far behind!! LOL Congrats to your hubby on the recovery of surgery #2. So glad the grandbaby is doing well and his mom too. Love ultrasound pics. My daughter got a 4-D done and it was amazing! When Kayleigh was born...she looked just like she did in the 4D ultrasound! LOL - Karen

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Glad to know both your husband and Whitney are doing well!

I'm amazed by the clarity of these ultrasounds that are done now!