Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Been There, Done That

I grabbed my cameras yesterday morning and headed out to capture some pictures around Vicksburg, and, although I saw lots of pictures waiting to be taken, I just couldn't get inspired to take them. Everything I saw gave me a sense of deja vu, or brought to mind the expression, "been there, done that" ... and nothing tempted me to unzip my camera bag.

Not even this pretty little flower garden that I captured last May. Its perennials were just as pretty as I drove by them yesterday, but I didn't see any point in capturing them again.

I captured the following pictures last summer, and yesterday, they looked just about the same as they do in these pictures.

This cheerful row of sunflowers and zinnias are growing against that garage again this year ...

And the window boxes on this little cottage house were even prettier than they were last year ...

The Crape Myrtles aren't at their peak yet, but I captured them in their glory in this picture taken a couple of years ago ...

Even the Old Court House grounds couldn't inspire me to leave my cool, air conditioned car and get out in the humidity to explore.

Now, if you are a regular visitor to Southern Lagniappe, you know when I can't be inspired by that magnificent old landmark that something must be wrong.

I think I'm suffering from a bout of writer's block — or, in this case, photographer's block — and I know that it will pass eventually. But until then ... I'm going to take a break from photo shoots and feature a series of "Picture of the Day" posts, including a link to the post in which the picture was originally featured. Those of you who would like to learn more about the picture can click on the link and read the story behind it.

I've gone through these "slumps" before and bounced back, and I'm sure I will this time, too. Especially since our annual family vacation is coming up around the first of next month, and I want to share that with you.

Until then, I hope you enjoy my "pictures of the day," and will be patient while I shake off my "been there, done that" doldrums.


Beverly said...

I hope the "slump" is of short duration, I love your blog and your photos.


Dorothy said...

I understand! These are some pretty pictures. Love the Crape Myrtle.