Thursday, June 7, 2012

Forever in Pictures

One of my favorite poems is this one, written by Edgar A. Guest ...

"Time never turns backwards
Its old charms to give,
In photographs only
Can yesterdays live."

As a photographer, that is very meaningful to me. Because, you see, along with each picture I take, I am capturing the subject as it was on the day the picture was taken ... to be forever preserved for years to come and, hopefully, enjoyed by anyone who happens to see the picture. I am also capturing special personal memories in my pictures, which let me "relive" the time and place the pictures were taken, and the emotions I felt as I captured them.

I have created a slide show featuring some of the places I have photographed during my travels over the years, and hope, if you have a few minutes over the weekend, you will take the time to revisit them with me.

If you would like to hear the background music, be sure your sound is turned up.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow


Marti said...

I enjoyed your tour! I especially liked the photo of the giant tree spreading its golden canopy over that cemetery.

LindaG said...

Lots of really awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

racheld said...

Oh, My. I got only to the WARTRACE one, and that music had just done me in---I'm getting weepy, for some reason, over this beautiful panoply of sound and pictures, and we're expecting company and going to lunch.

Be back later to take it all in, without distractions or company.

It's just too much right now--too beautiful and too much meaning.



MeenyMoe said...

Oh how I loved your slideshow. The music was gorgeous. All those TN locations are all around me and ones I have frequented many times. Thank you so much for sharing that! - Karen

Richard Cottrell said...

Just to say hello and I am alive and doing a little blogging. Richard from My Old Historic House.

racheld said...


I've linked this post at LAWN TEA today---a couple of days late, but it's just so stunning and amazing that I'd like to leave it up for a few days, while we're away from the board, getting ready for a visit from several of the chillun.

It says more about the ME of me than all those gazillion words I've posted since I began LAWN TEA almost four years ago.

moire non,


Beverly said...

Oh my, Janie. I watched it all, and I felt my heart pulling throughout. Not to mention, I cried.

This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this - because I know it must be your heart.

racheld said...


After about four tries, mostly late at night when the house was quiet, I FINALLY made it all the way through.

I started at the beginning every time, and only just now, with Sweetpea just in out of her little pool, dried and re-dressed and her chilly self under a Tinkerbell blanket, watching "Chicken Run" with her Ganner---just NOW, with that silly noise in the background instead of your so-touching sound track---I made it to the end.

Your Gift is magical, and I can never thank you enough.