Sunday, October 28, 2012

In the Path of the Storm

May God watch over those in the path of the dangerous "Superstorm Sandy" which is posing a serious threat to the East Coast ... and may He weaken the storm's winds and rains by the time they reach their homes and businesses.

My heart and prayers go out to them as they prepare to face whatever the coming days may bring.


C. M. Designs said...

Good morning Janie, Thank you for your prayers.. We are waiting and holding our breath concerning what this storm will deliver here in Virginia.
I hope it would go back out to sea and not "bother" anyone. We are prepared for whatever comes our way but hope it will be minimal.
I hope the rest of the states that may be affected will get by without any terrible affects.. This is a most unusual storm~~~I heard that it's one that only occurs once in a century..
Blessings my friend,

The Flower Lady's Husband said...

Thanks for your prayers. We came through relatively unscathed. We're just north of Delaware. Much more rain to our south, higher winds to our north. In general, though, a lot of damage.