Friday, April 5, 2013

Flower Talk

I visited our local Home Depot Garden Center one day last week and, as I strolled the aisles, I thought I heard someone -- or something -- calling my name. As I walked by this beautiful hanging basket of double Impatiens, I plainly heard it say, "Oh, please ... won't you take me home with you? I'll be so pretty hanging from your Bay Magnolia tree, and I won't be any trouble at all.  Just keep me in the shade and give me a drink every day, and I'll be happy and make lots of pretty flowers for you."

Well, I've heard of people talking to their plants (and have done it myself occasionally ... usually to tell them that if they don't perk up, they're going to end up on my version of "death row" for plants!) ... but I have never actually heard any of my plants talk back to me.    

But that basket of Impatiens was not only talking to me, it was begging me to take it home with me.  Being the sucker kind, softhearted person I am, there is no way I could leave without taking the basket with me, and, as I put it in my shopping cart, I do declare that I heard a sigh of relief coming from somewhere deep amongst its blooms, and what sounded like a sweet little "Ohhh, thank you, thank you!"

When I got home, I hung the basket on a shepherd's hook under the branches of the Bay Magnolia, and every time I look at it makes me smile.  I haven't heard it say anything else, but sometimes I do think it might be smiling back at me!

  Doesn't this look like a smile to you!

I love my little basket of Impatiens, and I'm so glad it chose me to take it home that day.


If you go to a garden center near you this weekend, I hope you will remember this story and take the time to listen for any flowers that might be calling your name.


Merisi Vienna said...

Oh, the call of the wild, er, lovely flowers at the garden shop! ;-)

Impatiens are such pretty flowers, lasting long into autumn if one treats them well.

Wishing you many wondrous moments visiting and talking with your plants under the Bay Magnolia,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I can certainly here is calling your name. Plants are like that when they know they are going to be loved and appreciated, and you and your camera are living proof of that. GORGEOUS COLOR.



Richard Cottrell said...

It would have been hard for me to leave it as well. Richard from My Old Historic House

Pat said...

Oh! Janie,

You are so cute! I'm so glad you are so tuned in to the beauty all around and share that with us.

As always, your photos are so pretty and inspiring.

According to your photos you must be having the same rain we are having here in the South ... It will make for a beautiful Springtime.

Beautiful days to you,
Pat in Tallahassee

racheld said...

How lovely, and how akin to dewy camellias.

And if anyone I know could hear flowers speak, it is definitely you, since they so freely confide all their other secrets to you.

Have a lovely Spring weekend!


Beth said...

I've heard plants "speak" to me too! Enjoy this beautiful hanging basket!

Stacey said...

I think she's most definitely smiling! Many plants have smiled at me in the last few days and I'm loving it. :)