Monday, April 8, 2013

Just a Little Lagniappe

I love cardinals and we have a male and female that visit our feeders every day.   Unfortunately, they are shy and won't stay if we are outside, and that makes capturing pictures of them very difficult.

One day last week I noticed them in the courtyard, and decided to try to capture them from one of the windows in our kitchen. Although the pictures aren't perfect, I was pleased with them.

I'm hoping they will have some babies in a few weeks and perhaps the babies won't be so shy, and I'll be able to capture them in pictures during their "flying lessons." 

Here's another picture I took from inside the window.  We have two hummingbirds, so far, and I'm looking forward to capturing more pictures of them as they get used to their new surroundings ... and us.  

We visited my parents over the weekend and I took a few pictures while we were there.  As I prepared to get some pictures of Mama's white calla lily, I noticed a little chameleon lounging on it.

I don't know if he was just enjoying the sunshine, or watching and waiting for his "lunch" to come by, but my camera and I didn't seem to bother him at all. 

I've never noticed a chameleon with a stripe down his back like this one ...

This lovely yellow ruffled iris caught my eye, too.  It is huge and blooms profusely.

We're supposed to have a couple of days of sunshine today and tomorrow, and I'm planning to visit one of my favorite "picture-taking" places tomorrow.  It's Mynelle Gardens in Jackson, and the azaleas and other spring-blooming flowers should be at their peak right now.  If you would like to get a "sneak peek" at the Gardens, this link will take you to a post I wrote a couple of years ago featuring the gardens ... Mynelle's Garden.

I think Spring is God's way of giving us just a glimpse here on earth of what Heaven is like. May your days be filled with the glories and joys of His springtime ... wherever you may be. 


Neumann University Library said...

A hummingbird at rest-- that's a first for me!

Beth said...

I loved Mynelle's Garden and have fun memories of the visit I made with my parents and other family several years ago. I'm anxious to see your pictures! I also have cardinals and they are so enjoyable to watch. Thank you for sharing!