Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Lagniappe

Sometimes the best pictures are found in your own backyard, especially this time of year. Yesterday, I spent about an hour walking around our yard, and here are some of the things I captured with my camera.

We have Lady Banks Roses growing on the fence in our backyard ... this glorious yellow one, and two white ones.

The honey bees and bumblebees love the flowers on our Nellie Stevens Hollies, and they were literally swarming around them as I took these pictures.

I also discovered this little guy sunning himself on one of the branches. His body was only a couple of inches long, but his tail was probably twice that long.

The Azaleas growing around our pond popped open over the weekend, and I loved exploring them up close.

I hope to keep a photo journal this spring and summer of our plants and flowers as they grow and bloom, and I'm sure I'll discover a lot of lagniappe along the way, like the bumblebees and little chameleon I saw yesterday.

I hope you're enjoying a glorious Spring in your part of the world, too.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I had to check on you this morning cause I knew whatever you posted would be beautiful and it is. I enjoy seeing everything you capture with your camera.
I hope to feel like posting again soon, but am having some old medical issues pop up and just don't feel like moving and then the meds always give me a terrible headache.
Hope you have a blessed day and please remember me in your prayers.

racheld said...

So lovely, Janie, as always. We had dozens of azaleas in our yard when we were growing up---our neighbor always called them For-MO-zas---I think I remember that Formosa is a breed or type.

You KNOW your journal is going to be spectacular!!

Nanna said...

beautiful snashots of your flowers & little critter's