Monday, June 20, 2011

Life's Lagniappe

While at my parents' house in northeast Louisiana a couple of weeks ago, my grandddaughter Avery and I walked over to their neighbors' back yard to see their Hydrangeas garden, which rings the edge of the lake behind their house.

The plants were in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous. But we also found some unique lagniappe there too, in the form of these beautiful cypress knees hidden in and amongst the Hydrangeas.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them, if you'd like to see them up close.

I love the contrast between the rugged knees and the soft, elegant Hydrangea blossoms.

The cypress knees remind me of little creatures who came to admire the Hydrangeas in all their glory. Can you see the "seal" there on the left in this picture?

One of the things I enjoy most about my photo shoots is that sometimes the lagniappe I find along the way turns out to be even better than what I set out to photograph. Life is a lot like that, too, isn't it ... thanks to God's infinite Wisdom and Love for us, and the plans He has for our lives.


Richard Cottrell said...

What a dream all those beautiful blooms. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

Richard Cottrell said...

What a dream, all those blooms. Thanks for sharing, Richard from, My Old Historic House

racheld said...

How very lovely, Janie---girl and flowers, set in such a backdrop.

And Bedknobs and Broomsticks, with quite a few unmistakable Hobbity little beings standing disguised amongst.

I love the magical translations through your lens.

Jenni said...

Love thos pics! And, yes, I see that cute little "Seal"

Avery is the prettiest little "Bloom" there, though,


Carolyn said...

What beautiful hydrangeas and a pretty sweet granddaughter as well.
Have a good week.