Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Rock Collection

Today I'm sharing some of my pictures of rocks. Doesn't that sound exciting! I guess it could be if you are a petrologist (one who studies the origin, history, occurrence, structure, chemical composition, and classification of rocks).

I've found that children love rocks and our granddaughter Avery has shared quite a few of her "special ones" with me. Isn't it wonderful to experience pleasure in the simple things in life by seeing them through a child's eyes.

I've never really studied rocks, but, like Avery, I do have a tendency to notice unusual ones, and discovered that I have quite a collection of pictures I've taken of rocks that have caught my attention during my travels.

This is probably the largest rock I've captured ...

I call it "Table Rock," and found it at a roadside park along the Natchez Trace near the Tennessee-Mississippi state lines (Glenrock Branch at Mile Marker 364.5). If you would like to read my post about this Natural Wonder and see more pictures, you can click on the link.

This next rock is one of the rocks surrounding the waterfall in our courtyard. Its shape reminds me of the state of Mississippi.

Here are some more rocks in our pond and waterfall areas ...

The lichen or moss on this rock caught my attention beside a path at Mynelle Gardens in Jackson.

You can take my "tour" of Mynelle Gardens by clicking on the link.

I was wrong about the "table rock" being the largest rock I've photographed. I forgot about my visit to Mint Springs, a natural waterfall here in Vicksburg.

To read about my adventures at Mint Springs and see more pictures, you can click here.

This picture is one I captured after a rain shower of a stone on the path leading from our courtyard to our backyard. The reflections in the puddles remind me of liquid gold ...

And this last picture is one of my favorites because it brings back sweet memories of one of our family vacations we spent at Blue Ridge, Georgia. I took it standing at the edge of the Ocoee River.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my rock collection, and I hope I have inspired you to look at rocks in a different way. Perhaps you can even take a nature walk with a little one sometime and see how many interesting rocks you can find. I promise you it will be time well spent.


Stacey said...

Very pretty. :) Have you ever noticed how the moss on the rocks kind of glows when it gets wet? It seems to jump up and come alive. We love our rocks too.

racheld said...

Beautiful---there's just no comprehending the times and events and succession of endless days they've seen.

And where did they roll from? What slow or instant process plowed them up up up from the earth to the sunlight? How long have they been polished by water and sand and time?

One of my favorite things to gather on my travels, and I always enjoy yours. I wonder how many civilizations have transported rocks from one place to the other, just for the beauty of them.

Richard Cottrell said...

I loves you're rocks, Hell, I just loves rocks. Richard at My Old Historic house

Tonja said...

I, too, love rocks! I have long collected heart shaped rocks and have quite a few of those. And, through the years I have found some BIG rocks, that I loved for their texture and color and shape. Most of these I have now on the edge of the pool beside our water feature.

I wonder where they all come from, and where they will go after I no longer care for them. And, why do you think we have an affinity for ROCKS, of all things? No matter...we love what we love...right?

hope you are surviving the heat.