Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ferns -- A Cool Landscaping Plant

With our mid-summer Mississippi temperatures withering and wilting even the hardiest of our drought and heat resistant flowers, I am enjoying and appreciating my ferns that grow along the path leading from our courtyard to the backyard.

The path may not BE cooler, but the lush GREENness of the ferns at least makes it LOOK cooler.

Asparagus ferns also tolerate the summer heat and add a sense of "coolness" to a patio or porch ...

Ferns are also lovely as part of the landscaping when mixed with other flowers in a natural setting, or beside a creek or pond.  We have several growing around the waterfall and pond area in our courtyard.


I captured the next two pictures at Mynelle Gardens in Jackson, Mississippi ...

Doesn't all that GREENness make you feel cooler?

And speaking of "cool" ... my ferns have lasted well into the winter months and have even survived a dusting of snow!

I think next summer I will invest in Asparagus ferns and perhaps Kimberly Queens, instead of wasting my money on "drought and heat tolerant" plants and flowers.  And if I want color, I can always buy colorful planters for the ferns, like the cobalt planter in the picture above.  At least, I know the planters won't wither away, even though I might.


Merisi said...

Gorgeous collection of ferns, and looking at your images, I feel cool air emanating from your pages!

Dorothy said...

You have some beautiful plantings! I love ferns! Those last two pictures are really cool looking!

C M Designs said...

Your ferns and garden look like a tropical oasis, Janie. I love your lantern too.
I think you have a good idea about just having greenery such as asparagus ferns.. I have some spider plants that have done well in the heat here at my house.
I've been thinking the same way as you are about color in my garden.
I have planted hostas in pots too. They do well that way if kept in a bit of shade. Philodendron is always a hardy plant and grows well in humidity.
I'm hoping for cooler weather very soon. Can't wait for snow ! ! ! !
Charlotte in Va.