Friday, July 19, 2013

The Pleasure of His Company

We are going to have the pleasure of this little guy's company this weekend ...

He's our grandson Maddox, and he will turn two on August 10th.  He's coming to stay with us while his big sister Avery and his Mommy go to the beach with one of Avery's friends and her mommy.

Maddox loves to come to our house because there is always something fun to do.

Like blowing bubbles with the bubble machine ...

 Or "swimming" in his own little pool ...


And sometimes GrandMama lets him help her "swiffer" stuff ...

Before I took this picture, he had already "helped" me vacuum and mop the floors.  Maddox is such a good little helper.

But sometimes he likes to just hang out in his chair with his sippy cup and watch TV ...

Whatever Maddox does, he has fun and puts his heart into it.  His great-grandparents are coming to play this weekend, too, and I hope to capture some of our "Adventures with Maddox" with my camera. 

I know we're going to have a happy and fun weekend, and I wish you the same.


RachelD said...

And YOU, Too, Sweetpeas!

Nothing scheduled for ours yet, and hope to get the last of the cleanup from porch-building out of the way.

You just have a MARVELOUS weekend with your Dearies---how many folks get to have such a gathering of young and older? What a blessing.

love and,


Pat said...

Oh! Janie your little grandson is so adorable. Have a. wonderful weekend with that little doll and your parents.

Pat in Tallahassee

C M Designs said...

Oh, Janie, Maddox is growing up too fast.. He's such a handsome little boy.
Have a marvelous weekend with your parents and that little helper.
You've languished enough, now it's time to party !

Marlene said...

The pictures are so, so cute, but the one I love ever so much has to be that adorable little guy languishing in his bright and cheerful chair. Have a wonderful weekend with Maddox and your sweet Mama and Daddy!

Jenni said...

Goodness! Where does the time go? I still remember seeing some photos you shared when he was tiny, and thinking he was the cutest little guy!

He's now an adorable toddler...and i bet y'all had a blast this past weekend!


Dorothy said...

Hope you have many happy times with this precious child! He's a doll!