Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mama

Mama.  Such a sweet-sounding, emotion-filled word that brings to mind a sense of comfort ... and security ... and tender, loving care.  

My mama's 87th birthday is today, and, although we can't be with her today, my husband and I drove over to West Monroe, Louisiana, to see her and my dad over the weekend.  They were expecting just the two of us for lunch Saturday, but we brought along an early birthday present for her -- a surprise visit from our daughter Whitney and grandchildren Avery Grace and Maddox.  I wish I could have captured a picture of the pure joy and happiness on both their faces as we opened the car doors and they saw their special visitors.  She said it was the best birthday present she had ever had ... and it was the most fun birthday present we've ever given her!

Thank you, Mama ... for the countless sacrifices you made for me through the years, and your never-wavering pure, unconditional love for me and my family.  Thank you for loving them as much as you love me. You are an inspiration to all of us, and I thank God for blessing my life by making you my Mama.


RachelD said...

And a Happy Birthday to your Dear Mama from ME, as well.

We just celebrated neighbor Honey's 87th last month, and Chris' Mama has hers in a couple of weeks. Angels were sure handing out some special babies in that Month's Span in 1926.

I'm SO glad for your wonderful, loving relationship---you DESERVE each other, in the very best sense of the thought.

love to you both on this special day,


Beth said...

Happy Birthday to your dear Mama! What a nice surprise you planned for them! Yesterday was my birthday, and I was blessed to spend time with my family, too! Thank you for sharing such a nice tribute!

Marlene said...

What a beautiful Mama you have! So glad that you could celebrate this special occasion with her and bring along those other delightful "surprises."

C M Designs said...

A belated Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet Mom, Janie. You can see love written all over her face.
What a blessing to have such a lovely Mother.. I wish, for her, many, many more Happy Birthdays and I hope she can celebrate each and every one with her family and Great Grandchilden.
xxoo Charlotte