Sunday, June 6, 2010

Forever in Stone

Some people may think it's weird or disrespectful to photograph grave markers or monuments, but to me it's a way of preserving the memory of the loved ones whose final resting places were marked with such exquisite and loving memorials by their families.

The artistry and masonry skill involved in the creation of the monuments ... the meticulously ornate detailing, the expressions on the faces, attention to proportion ... make each monument truly a work of art. I love photographing monuments, and they never cease to awe and inspire me.

I have created a slideshow featuring my pictures of a few of my favorite monuments. I hope you enjoy it (be sure to turn your sound up if you would like to hear the music).

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow:


Janie said...

As always, everything you do is beautiful. I love old cemeteries and these pictures displayed works of art. Your photography, art also, enhanced them. The music was perfect. A wonderful start to Sunday morning. Appreciate your sharing. Blessings on you.

Deb said...

Very nice....beautiful art...

Loui♥ said...

so beautifully and tastefully presented!

Tonja said...

I love these old statues. It makes me wonder why the deceased person's family would choose one or the other. What does that say about the person who died and the ones who are left?
I have found as I have looked through old cemetaries, that sometimes the faces are so well done...and sometimes they are actually scary looking instead of being comforting! Sort of like that lamb in the last pic...scary eyes! :)
Very interesting post, my friend!

nanny said...

Have you ever heard "Stone" by Tracy Lawrence? It is a great song and very true!

Judy said...

I don't think it's weird or disrespectful at all, I love touring old cemeteries and hate that we missed these while in Vicksburg but you can only do so much.

Funny that you posted this because I am planning on doing a post on one of our local cemeteries where Hank Williams is buried (right next to my mama's first child who was born before me) and that cemetery has many interesting "stories" to tell.

Thanks for the music too, I loved it.


Beth at Aunties said...

These were beautiful. I too love visiting old cemeteries and hope to instill that same love within the eharts of our grandchildren. The old ones in the South are full of a richness and history we do not find here in the west. Most of our cemeteries are well groomed with flat stones. It is the inscriptions and dates here that facinate me.
My granddaughters went with us to visit the old Hollywood Cemetary in Richmondwhich is very rich in history. Soon I hope to find time write a post sbout it. :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Janie, I think anyone who saw your photos would consider it an honor that you photographed their loved ones' memorials. I enjoyed seeing this so much. You do such excellent work.

I am in love with that last lamb. His face is so amazing and almost contemporary in appearance. Loved that.

I also loved all the lovely formal ones. And I was just thinking how much it must have cost those families who really were still in a state of veritable penury after the War to create those Victorian monuments!

Enjoyed seeing this very much...



Sheila (TCW) said...

I loved the music you chose to go along with the pictures of these beautiful statues and tombstones. Very comforting.

Hubby and I like to visit the old cemetaries from time to time. We've never taken pictures, maybe next time we will. I'd love to be able to revisit these sites at the touch of a button.

Thanks for sharing.