Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Song of the Trumpet Vine

I had to run an errand yesterday morning, and decided to take my cameras with me and capture some pictures for a post I'm going to publish later this week. Sometimes, I find lagniappe that is even better than what I originally set out to capture, and that is what happened yesterday.

I was photographing a church across the street from this building, when I noticed the Trumpet Vine growing on the rickety old fence.

I guess you either love Trumpet Vine or hate it, and I fall into the "love it" category. I enjoyed seeing it through my camera lens, especially close up. You can click on the images to enlarge them, if you would like to see it even closer.

Here is a preview of a picture that is going to be featured
in the post I originally planned to get pictures for ...

Can you guess what the subject is going to be?


Anonymous said...

Morning Janie! I too like Trumpet Vine although I never saw it until moving here. I've never gotten this close up to it before and like it even better after viewing your beautiful photos!! I must look for the magazine in previous post! How exciting your daughter gets to build her own house! I'm drawn to pretty much ALL colors and have a really hard time choosing! I was tempted to paint my small extra bedroom in the orange color similar to BM one you show!lol I agree I think accents with a neutral would be longer lived!!!lol The color Avery's mom is thinking of will be a gorgeous bedroom color! Oh to be starting from scratch again!! Enjoy your day - Sincerely, Jeannette

Deb said...

oh I love trumpet vine....it reminds me of my childhood....my grandmother always had it and honeysuckle on the back fence...ooo can't wait to see your upcoming post....

GingerQuilter said...

Your Trumpet vine is beautiful! I wish mine was. We planted it about 3 o4 4 years ago and it has yet to flower! Last year we decided to dig it up but this year is is back with a vengeance threatening the house but STILL NO FLOWERS! Guess we will try to get rid of it again.

Loui♥ said...

love the trumpet vine..
love your photos..
the church doorway is beautiful,,
must be for an upcoming wedding, or christening?
looking forward to seeing it!
warm sandy hugs..

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What gorgeous shots. Our neighbor has a glorious Trumpet Vine that is almost always in bloom, so beautiful. It makes us happy just to look at it! Lidy

Linda said...

It is so beautiful and your photos show it off to perfection. I love the color and the shape! Gorgeous! Hmmm...no idea about the church but I like the photo!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Is the subject going to be church doors, Janie? That one is beautiful. Is that Trinity in Vicksburg? I saw a photo of it on another blog, but I didn't get a good look at the doors.

We have trumpet vine on our back fence mixed with Confederate Jasmine. It is a neat plant and something colorful in the heat. It does tend to get a little crazy, though, and grows everywhere.

I thought about you today. I did a post on Nights of Lights, and I used Fred's photos from his Blackberry. I asked him to take pics for me, and I forgot to bring the camera. It was close to the end of Nights of Lights, so he used his Blackberry. I put Stella in some of the shots he got (she's not photo-shopped in there... I held her in front of the computer screen and shot, LOL!), but the ones at the end are the ones that I didn't touch. I think they turned out pretty well considering it was a Blackberry. ;-)


SHeila :-)

Tonja said...

I'm not very familiar with Trumpet Vine, but it is very pretty! It reminds me of honeysuckle the way it is mounding over top of that old fence!

Love that last pic, too! I'll be watching!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I have a trumpet vine at the corner of my drive...I love to see it in full bloom. Momma used to tell me to stay away from the ones climbing on fences cause snakes where drawn to them, she called them snake vines...lol..I've never seen a snake in ours. They are so beautiful.
Great pictures.
I'll be leaving by 6 in the morning so I'll check out your blog next Monday when we get home.

Carolyn said...

I am with you...I love it and the old wooden fence is pretty too.
Beautiful church, can't wait to see more.

jidgede said...

hey janie....LOVE your pics....just had to tell you..when i was little we called this "cow's itch" and no one planted it "on purpose"...have u ever heard it called that?? being born in rural west tn in 1948 could have a lot to do with it!!! enjoy your blog so much and your pictures are always the BEST!!! be careful and always look up when you exit your front door!!! (loved that post)...your granddaughter is precious....jennie in tn <><

Sheila (TCW) said...

I love the Trumpet Vine. It grows wild around here. We've got lots of pines and wooded area aroune here and they grow up the trees. I've never seen it up close. It's gorgeous!