Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New!

This is a follow up to my story yesterday about the toll the extreme summer heat has taken on some of the flowers in our courtyard. If you would like to read that post you can click here. And now for "the rest of the story."

You may recall that my red Verbena was languishing on what I call "death row" (a place where my plants go when they are scraggly, faded, and sad looking).

I couldn't stand to watch their suffering any longer, and bought some "Chapel Hill Gold" Lantana plants to replace the Verbena.

Late yesterday afternoon some dark clouds started rolling in and I took advantage of the sun screen and went out to plant the Lantana.

It was painful to have to pull up the Verbena plants. They had been so pretty and had really struggled to be "good flowers," but they were no match for our sizzling Mississippi temperatures hovering close to the 100-degree mark for several days in a row. Perhaps they will be given a "new lease on life" when they reach the landfill.

I would like to think of them reviving themselves and standing tall and proud, their bold red blossoms beautifying their final resting place. Sorry, I tend to get emotional about losing my "death row" plants.

Oh, well ... as they say, "Out with the old, in with the new!"

And here are the Lantanas in their new home. Is it my imagination, or is that a welcoming smile on Harry the Heron's face? And look at that frog beside the pond in the background on the left. I think he looks kind of happy to see some new flowers, too!

Remember the pink Verbena (from yesterday's post) that was languishing away in the urn?

I had a couple of Lantanas left, so I "recycled" the pink Verbena, too.

I love it when a plan comes together, and I'm very pleased with my new flower bed. I just hope the Lantana remembers the "Promised Performance" pledge on their tags ...

... Because I surely don't want them to end up "you know where."

And to give them a little extra "encouragement," I couldn't resist adding this little sign.


Stacey said...

Out with the old and in with the new is always my policy too. I have a "pretty test" and if it's not pretty it doesn't stay! I love your Grow Dammit" rock. :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The old could compost and be put to good use. Love the new and hope they grow. Love that rock sign!!

Tonja said...

Oh, I too feel so guilty when I have to get rid of those flowers that just won't grow. It jurts to pull them up and throw them away!
Where I lived before I moved to the Creek House, I had a spot behind the brick fence where the grass would not grow. I would just pour out all the pots the weren't performing...dirt and all. Ocassionally, I would rake it and spread it out. It was always a surprise what would start growing once it got in the cemetary. Once these big tall sunflowers grew, and I had never even planted any! They were beautiful!
I had to take the hydrangeas out of the big pots by the pool because they were just shriveling up. So now I need to find something else to put in those.
Maybe we'll get a break from this has been raining here every day this week.