Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Things

Martha Stewart's favorite expression, "It's a good thing," describes the subjects of my post today. I'd like to share some of the things that make my life easier or more pleasant, some of which you probably already know about and use, but, hopefully, you will find something new to try.

First, I have a confession to make -- I am a paper towel addict, to the point of almost panicking when there's only one roll left in the pantry. But not just any paper towel will do -- it has to be Bounty, and preferably the SUPER MEGA size. There's nothing more annoying than having to stop what you're doing (usually with wet, drippy hands) to replace the roll of paper towels, and that's why I love the MEGA-size rolls:

I also love the mega size rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft:

Another necessity in my kitchen (besides Bounty) are Clorox Wipes.

I don't know how much "disinfecting" they really do, but it makes me feel better to wipe my countertops down with them several times a day, and it certainly can't hurt anything.

These disposable "Zoo Pals" cups with lids are perfect for little ones. There are 14 in a box, and each 8-ounce cup comes with a "sippy cup-style" lid. Made by Hefty.

My favorite gadget is my Lightweight Ryobi CORDLESS Blower with 18-Volt Lithium Rechargeable Battery.

Well worth the $99.00 price tag at Home Depot. I don't know what I did without mine. It's perfect for blowing off the porch or patio, and even the garage, and there's no cord to get wound around stuff or trip over. Just put the battery on the charger when you finish, and it's ready for next time.

Another one of my favorite gadgets is my Swiffer Duster, with the extendable handle that extends up to three feet and pivots and locks into four different positions.

It's perfect for cleaning angled surfaces such as ceiling fans, wood furniture, cabinet corners, and baseboards. I also use mine to clean underneath the refrigerator, washer and dryer, and furniture.

I also keep one of the short-handled dusters in my car and "swiff" the inside of my car when I'm going through a car wash, or caught in a traffic jam (not that I have a Type A personality, or anything).

Here are a few more products I like:

Barkeeper's Friend: Great for Stainless Cookware

Libman All-Purpose Mop
I love the size of this mop and the way it swivels and reaches under furniture and in tight spaces.

I always like to hear about new products that save time and energy, and would love to hear about your favorite "good things."


Stacey said...

Oh my gosh, I could have practically written this post! We like the same cleaning products.

I don't use that toilet wand though. Something about all those disposable products bugs me. But then on the other hand the reusable toile brush - ick.

I never would have purchased the Swiffer dusters had it not been for a cleaning lady we had a few years ago. She requested them and I love them. They are really handy for cleaning the wood blinds.

Couldn't agree with you more on the Charmin and Bounty. Now sometimes I do buy Target brand paper towels. I like them too.

I don't use the same swivel mop...don't remember what brand mine is but I couldn't live without it on the wood floors. Also love the Swiffer floor duster.

Thanks for the list. Always inspires me!

Deb said...

I love your list...I like the clorax wipes lemon pinesol....don't know what I'd do with out my wheel barrow...lipton decaf idea for a post...

Janie said...

As I read, I kept thinking there would be some neat product that I was unaware of. You nailed it. I can not beleive we clean the same way and have the same thoughts about cleanliness - especially the clean car! I love it. Can't think of anyone I would rather be like. I have a type A personality? :) Really? My husband has been saying this for years. Thanks for a great post as usual.

Loui♥ said...

I'm with you on the Bounty.. they simply are the best!
one think I hate is when I get a package with the towels pre-cut to I/4 size,, I want a full square.. not a rectangle!! I don't have little ones under foot..nor do I run a nail salon..I want a full size towel.
the other products are nice as well.
if they make your life easier.. then go for it!!
thanks for sharing!!
warm sandy hugs..

Beth at Aunties said...


How fun to list a few of your favorite household things. We have ALOT of the same favorites! Although I am a bit partial to VIVA towels and Bounty is my 2nd choice.
Your new piece of property is gorgeous. I am thrilled you to get to build and live closer to Avery Grace on a dream lot. I look forward to watching your journey:)

Can you believe she will start kindergarten? Our little Drew who was also born in May, started this week. Caden will next month. It is hard to believe how fast they grow up.
As for one of my favorite items is Swiffer sweeper pads to dust my blinds. I love I can throw them away after I use them! ~♥

racheld said...

Oh, My!!! I think we were separated at birth. I thought I was the only Paper Towel Junkie in this greening world, and I am sometimes SO ashamed of the consumption. I'm not REALLY particular what kind, and we've been getting some of those GREEN ones---recycled, for all the cleaning uses.

Chris likes VIVA on the roll between our chairs in the den, for we eat on trays lots of nights, and roll off three for down-our-fronts, and one for napkin. Then I use the three for cleanups in kitchen or bath.

My shopping gene got left out of my DNA, but I could stand all day in the cleaning-products or Rubbermaid aisles at Walmart. Just wish I had the gumption today to get up and get some of those good-smelling, good-cleaning things to use this hot day.

I'm still plumb wore out from yesterday.

Marlene said...

I have every single one of these
products, brand for brand in my home, except for the Zoo Pals. I don't often have "little people" here but they would certainly make great little extras for some of the young mommies I know. Thank you for sharing!

Tonja said...

I love Bounty and Charmin...that is all I buy. I also use Cascade in the little packets.nnI use a special cleaner for the stone floors.I buy Dial soap for Don and Dove for me. And, lots of Pine Sol!