Thursday, March 28, 2013


When our son and daughter were little, I began a tradition of buying a special Easter keepsake for them each year and, eventually, we had quite a collection of bunnies and other Easter decorations.  A few years ago, I began creating a centerpiece at Easter time, featuring the keepsakes and other decorations I've collected through the years.  Here is what our centerpiece looks like this year ...

 It looks like I'm going to need a larger table soon!

When our grandchildren, Avery and Maddox, came along I started adding the keepsakes for them, and these two little frolicking bunnies are this year's addition.

They remind me of Avery and Maddox when they're running and tumbling outside ... and every time I look at them I can't help but smile.   

The lamb and bunny in the next picture are from last year, which was Maddox's first Easter ...

I like the French Cross in the background of this picture, as a reminder of the reason we celebrate this glorious season of Easter ...

Another treasured reminder is the cross I added to the church.  Our son made it in Sunday School (with the help of his teacher, I'm sure) when he was little.


This is Avery, who is seven, helping me set up the centerpiece while she was with us during her Spring Break from school. So serious, and such concentration as she places the little figurines just so ...


I wouldn't take anything for her enjoying the rituals and traditions of the seasons we have observed through the years. 

I hope your Holy Week has been blessed with traditions and sweet memories-in-the-making with your little ones, as we teach them that Easter is not just about the Easter Bunny, new clothes, and Easter egg hunts. 


Merisi said...

Wondrous collection of Easter keepsakes, and I love how you showcase them on your table! You mulling the size of the table makes me smile. I am sure you'll make sure there will be place at the table for your delicious Easter meals!

Happy Easter to you and yours,

P.S.: Am I wrong thinking that I remember pictures of when Avery was a baby? Seems like yesterday!

Richard Cottrell said...

I love it, made me smile. What a fun collection and great memories. It must be a glorious time at your house. Enjoy, eat a slice of ham for me and Sissy!Richard from my old historic House.

racheld said...

My Goodness!! I was expecting an arrangement with perhaps a few pieces of childhood treasures, but you've got Noah's Ark and Alice's Wonderland and Beatrix Potter's entire imagination all gathered on your table.

What a perfect, magical little place with all its memories and eternal charm. I love all your pictures, and your way with making a home has a magic all its own.

Imagine being able to gather such a lifetime of memories into your hands.

Very best wishes to you and all your Lovies in this Blessed Season.


Beth said...

What a beautiful collection! Thank you for sharing! My bunnies and other things did not get unpacked this year, but that's okay because we will enjoy them even more next year. I think it is so important to create memories with our grandchildren; looks like you did for sure this Season. Happy Easter!

Pat said...


I love your Easter centerpiece with each item having a special memory for you to share with the grown children and grandchildren.

What a beautiful young lady your little Avery is turning into.

Happy Easter to you and your wonderful family.

Pat in Tallahassee