Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Water Towers

One of the first things you usually see when you're traveling the backroads and approach a town is the water tower. They come in all shapes and sizes and condition -- from old and rusty with lots of character, to bright and shiny and colorful.

Here are a few I've captured during my ramblings ...

RAYMOND, Mississippi,
located in the center of the "town square."

FLORA, Mississippi

This old tower at BOVINA, Mississippi, is one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, it was torn down and replaced
with this bright and shiny new tower.

This tower, located at the old Bonner-Campbell College,
can be seen for miles from Old Highway 80,
between Vicksburg and Edwards, Mississippi.

EDWARDS, Mississippi
I will be featuring Edwards in a post later this week.

This is a new tower in Edwards. I hope the old one won't be torn down. It is one of the most prominent landmarks in Edwards.

This colorful tower on Highway 61 South, greets visitors as they approach VICKSBURG from the south, and reminds me of an ad for Purina ...

And this one is on I-20 ...

BOLTON, Mississippi, on Old Highway 80
between Edwards and Clinton, Mississippi

You've got to love a town with a sense of humor.
I found this unique tower at a little town in
the Louisiana Delta called TRANSYLVANIA.

I hope you enjoyed my collection of water tower pictures. It inspired me to try to capture more of the older towers for the sake of posterity. Their days are probably numbered.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Janie, it took me three tries (and going off to post to others and returning) to leave a comment for you because your comment page wouldn't load. Same with everyone else who has this same type of page.

I love these. They are so much fun. Disney World has one with mouse ears as I recall, but that might also be their electrical units. LOL!

Somewhere in my travels, I have seen a country club with a golf ball as the tank and a pin as the tower. ;-)



Southern Lady said...

Sheila, thanks for your persistence in leaving a comment. I didn't have any problem posting this one ... hopefully, no one else will encounter the problem you had.

PAT said...

Hi Janie!

Love the water towers. There is a town along I-44, between St Louis and Joplin, with a neat water tower, I should get a photo of, someday. It's not that the tower is so unusual, it's the name on the tower. The name of the town is Bourbon.

Deb said...

I love the old water towers...great post..

RachelD said...

I do love the old towers, and they are one of the landmarks which show up best, tall above the landscape as you drive by.

We look for interesting ones---old ones rusted with time, and we've also seen peaches, cotton bolls, golf balls, soccer balls (that one was a puzzler---can you imagine SOCCER as THE sport of a small Alabama town?) and one hot air balloon one, which I swear drifted away when no one was looking.

I'm looking forward to your post on Edwards---I keep up with things there through Miss Gloria at the paper.

somepinkflowers said...


thanks for the trip
down memory lane!


i grew up in a small town which had 2 of these babies!

{{ one was tall and slender
like a silo;
the other perched high on legs }}

i had forgotten
how often i fantasized
about climbing up there
to look around...

thanks ever-so

Merisi said...

Such a marvelous collection, Janie!

Fantastic image of the new Bovina tower, they way you captured it makes it look as if it is ready for take-off! ;-)

Tonja said...

Cattching up here! Loved the water towers, especially the rusty ones. Such character!

And, the sweet baby bird! Hope you get to watch him take off!

Perfect place for the rock to lay. Love the hazy picture.

And, the bumble bees! Aren't they so interesting? I love to watch...from a distance!