Monday, July 28, 2008

"Happy Hour" Nachos

Nachos are one of our favorite snacks when we have weekend company, and we also enjoy them while watching SEC football in the fall. I made them this past weekend and they looked so pretty, I took some pictures so I could share them with you.

They're so easy to make ...

Just break up some Tostitos chips on a cookie sheet, cover with a generous amount of chili (I heat the chili to make it easier to spread); add a generous layer of chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, jalapeno pepper slices, and any other condiments you'd like, and sprinkle lots of shredded cheese on top (I use cheddar, but you can use any kind of cheese).

I set the oven on "broil" and leave the nachos in just long enough to melt the cheese until it's bubbly.

Serve hot with your favorite drinks (mine is Dr. Pepper) ... and it just doesn't get any easier or better than that!


Anonymous said...

Hi again Janie! I was taking my lunch break and decided to see if you had a new post! You won't believe what I am having for lunch! Nachos. Seriously I had them in my hand when I clicked and found yours (they look better than mine though) I added black olives and scallions to mine. Just had to laugh - we seem to be on the same wave length lately!lol Have a great one - Jeannette

StitchinByTheLake said...

They look delicious and I would absolutely make them...if only my stove was working. :( Soon. Blessings, marlene

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Those look really good! And easy...that't the kind of cooking I like! Thanks for the recipe.
Have a great day,

Nancy said...

Hi Janie, I am going to make these one day for the boys...they love anything and everything like that. Thanks for the recipe. I am sure they will be a big hit. Nancy