Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Christmas Camellia

The Christmas Camellia (Camellia x vernalis 'Yuletide') is one of my favorite wintertime plants.

The broadleaf evergreen shrub produces its showy red blossoms from Fall through December, and sometimes, even into January. We have two plants growing outside our bedroom window, and it is always a pleasure to look out and see their colorful blooms brightening a drab winter day.

We also have pink Sasanquas, which bloom through December.

One of the nicest things about living in the South, is being able to have a bouquet of fresh cut flowers from our yard during the holidays. I made this bouquet of Christmas Camellias and pink Sasanquas last Christmas Eve ...

We have one bloom on our camellia bush today, but it is loaded with buds on the verge of popping open. To every thing there is a season ... and I love "the Season of the Christmas Camellias."


Richard Cottrell said...

ok rub it in, I have always wanted to live in the South and these beautiful blooms in early winter make it even a harder thing to not to get to do. They are beautiful and you are very lucky to just go out and pick a few. RC

C. M. Designs said...

Hi Janie, If we, here in Va., were lucky enough to be able to grow camelias they might be getting snow on them this weekend.. Your flowers are beautiful and you are fortunate to be able to grow them.. Send us more pictures of your Christmas Eve bouquets this year.. Blessings, Charlotte

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

You pictures are lovely as always. You feel like you can reach out and touch each pedal. I have missed seeing your beautiful show.

Dorothy said...

What can I say? Those are gorgeous and soooo Southern! I should try planting some!

racheld said...

These meant-to-be-fleeting lovely images ever captured for all time.

We never had camellias, somehow---magnolias and azaleas were the blooms---but I remember a great bounty of them one Christmas.

My sister's wedding was Christmas weekend, and the older sister of a gentleman I worked with had a gorgeous garden, with just great display areas of all colors of camellias. People made special trips to her town just to view her flowers.

Since the groom's family was coming in from another state, his Mom asked me to arrange the rehearsal dinner, so I made all the preparations with a local restaurant.

The Camellia Lady called me and asked if we'd like some of her glorious blooms for decorating the tables, and she brought us boxes and buckets, which we used for runners and bouquets, and one at each lady's place as a corsage.

I never hear the word "camellia" that I don't think of Miss Agnes, and her lovely gift of that sea of pink and red and rose which made that evening so beautiful. Camellias and candlelight at Christmas---stunning.