Thursday, October 13, 2011

Like Sister, Like Brother

Our grandson Maddox was nine weeks old yesterday. He has mastered the art of smiling and has moved on to perfecting his "cooing" techniques.

He is just on the verge of learning to laugh out loud, and his Grandmama (that would be me) thinks he is, without a doubt, the smartest baby boy (not to mention the most adorable baby boy) in the whole wide world. And I know for a fact that he is most definitely, positively, the sweetest baby boy in the whole wide world!

His little shirt may say that his "Mommy rocks," but his Grandmama rocks too! — just in a different way.

I think I deserve a t-shirt, too, don't you!

He loves his Fisher-Price activities mat, and is mesmerized by all the colorful little animals and lights and music ...

A penny for your thoughts, Little One ...

From the time he was born, his mommy and I both have said that it's scary how much he looks like his big sister Avery when she was a baby (she's six now), but it wasn't until I was looking at these pictures that I realized just how much he resembles her.

I took the next two pictures of Avery on her activities mat when she was two months old (she loved hers, too!) ... and it is just like looking at Maddox.


They even held their hands the same ...



It's almost like having twins six years apart!

Every time I look at this little one, I thank the Lord for watching over him and answering all the prayers that were said for him and his mommy, both before he was born and on the day he was born. He is, and always will be, our little miracle, and my heart overflows with love and joy every single time one of those precious little smiles is directed at me.

And, of course, the same is true about his sister, too.


Merisi said...

I wholeheartedly agree, such a sweet boy - and sister, too! I am so glad about the happiness of your family!
Your portraits are great!

C. M. Designs said...

Hi Janie, I sure do think you deserve a *Rockin Grandmama* shirt.. I can't believe that Maddox is nine weeks old already.. He sure is a precious baby boy.. It is uncanny how much he looks like Avery at her same age. Blessings to all, Charlotte in Va.

Dorothy said...

Hi Janie,
What beautiful children!!!! They are just precious and so photogenic!

racheld said...

The resemblance IS twins!! Both such Sweetpeas, and with the same mannerisms and posture---I would imagine she especially enjoys being told how he looks so much like her.

A wonderful BRIGHT for this cloudy day!

Deb said...

they are both adorable...and I would grandson is

Marlene said...

Oh my word!! How precious those two are and what blessings they are to you and your family. It
certainly appears that they are twins separated by six years. You
must be over the moon!

Tonja said...

Oh, I enjoyed looking at this sweet baby! So, so cute! And, amazing baby pics of he and Aubrey. I couldn't tell them apart! I know she must be loving having sweet Maddox around!

So glad you and the family were blessed with this sweet boy! He'll be talking to you soon!

Levi is 6 months now and is trying to master 'sitting alone'. Sometimes he gets it...sometimes, he doesn't!