Friday, October 14, 2011

They're Gone ...

Our hummingbirds are gone.

I was going to take my feeder down, but I read that it's not necessary to take down feeders to force hummingbirds to leave. The initial urge to leave is triggered by the shortening length of sunlight as autumn approaches, and has nothing to do with temperature or the availability of food — when the bird is fat enough, it migrates.

I also read that by this time, the birds you see at feeders are already migrating anyway. If you remove your feeder, birds will just feed elsewhere, but may not bother to return to your yard the next year. Hummingbird experts recommend continuing to maintain feeders until freezing becomes a problem, so I am going to keep my feeder up, just in case a straggler stops by for a drink.

Hopefully, he or she will remember my hospitality when they return in the Spring.

Until then ... I bade them a fond farewell and Godspeed.


Dorothy said...

It's a wonderment to me that they come back and find the good places to feed!! Ours are gone and we really miss them. They keep us entertained all summer.

Richard Cottrell said...

I am always sad when they leave as I know winter is close behind. I am very thankful for them every season. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Merisi Vienna said...

One can only wish them safe travels and a happy return to your garden in the spring!

Those birds are lucky to have you around.

Carolyn said...

I always miss the hummers when they leave.
The pictures of your grandchildren
yesterday are so precious. You are blessed indeed!

racheld said...

Me, too, Sweetpea!! I've had none of my official own for a long time, but I so appreciate all those of you who take care of even the smallest of the small.

Those little flying jewels are a great gift, with more power and beautiful packed into that tiny body than most creatures can boast.

And you've captured them for time, as well as nurturing them for a Summer---both great achievements and wonderful blessings.

And "BLESSIGNS" they definitely are.


Tonja said...

They are so precious to watch ...I'm always sad when they leave. But, isn't it a joy when they return?