Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gone With the Wind

A slideshow featuring a few nostalgic pictures I have captured during my ramblings of things and places that are "gone with the wind." The background music is Tara's Theme, from the Gone With the Wind movie soundtrack.

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Dorothy said...

Great photography, but I hate to see the old churches just standing in ruin. It's kind of sad to me.

Sue said...

You have certainly mastered your gift of photography, Janie. This was so beautiful! You truly have a gift of seeing things through a lens.
Enjoy your day.

racheld said...


This was absolutely mesmerizing---I know I sat with my cup cuddled in my hands, heedless that the just-filled cup might spill as I kept my eyes on the screen.

Breath caught and eyes unmoving---those moments immersed in that music and in those haunting pictures---timeless and pure and magical.

The wearing-away and the weathering are the most beautiful of our agings, I think, and just watching the eroding of the moments and the what-have-beens through your lens is a priceless, worthy thing, like a gift. So many of these are familiar, and so many are samenesses to all the buildings and places and scenes of my own life there---the colors of the silvery wood when it’s seen so many decades, the shapes and the quiet patience of the churches and the houses and the trees---time in a square, preserved.

I just cannot tell you of these moments this morning---the quiet house and the bright day outside and all THIS on display in here have been a confluence of feelings and sights that were like a great present, and I appreciate every moment of it.

Your eye and lens are a team unrivaled for saving these treasures for time, and I feel rich for the seeing.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Stunning. It made me cry in a good way.

Love you...