Friday, October 21, 2011

Mystery Work of Art

What is it?

Is it a little creature I found snuggled underneath a leaf and brought in from the cold?


Is it a prototype of a robot like the ones you see in high tech electronics catalogs?

Nope, again!

So, what is it, you ask!

Riddle solved: I had to get my glue gun out yesterday to repair a salt shaker that goes with my Easter deviled egg plate, and was distracted by something and forgot that the glue gun was plugged in. A few minutes later, I went into the laundry room to get some clothes out of the dryer and discovered that my glue gun had been busy creating this little "fellow" on top of the washing machine while I was gone.

I thought it was so neat that I got my camera and macro lens and took some pictures of it. You're probably thinking, "Bless her heart, she has waaaaaay too much time on her hands," but the more I look at the pictures, the more I think it is actually quite a work of art, especially considering it was made by a glue gun!

I added some color to it with Photoshop, which made it even more extraordinary.

I've seen pictures and sculptures in fine art galleries that were not half as interesting, so who knows ... one day people may be standing in front of one of these pictures oooohhhhing and ahhhhhhing and heaping praise on the "artist."

Well ... perhaps I did get a little carried away, but you have to admit that it is pretty neat.


Dorothy said...

How cute! I was trying hard to identify it, but realized I had never seen anything like it! Is that needles and pins propping it up? It would certainly draw attention in an art gallery!

Southern Lady said...

Dorothy, no, those aren't needles and pins. Those are strings of glue trailing from it.

racheld said...

Girl, I'm tellin' you---you DO beat all!!!

I was gonna say some kind of sap drippage, but it's the Jetson's version. My experience with glue guns is practically nil---I'm sure there's one here somewhere, but what a lovely little bit of serendipity.

And as each drop was grabbed by gravity, it took its place in the perfect spot on the little tree, letting its anchor fall to the side in the most graceful of silvery supports. Perfect.

Bubbles of surprise, crystal eggs, water frozen for time---what a neat creation!

Makes me almost wish I'd captured the chaos of glittery glass shards when the dryer danced two huge yellow pyrex bowls and my favorite china sandwich tier off into the floor the other day.

Dorothy said...

I came back to see if you left an answer. Thanks! I counldn't tell, but I think this is fascinating!!! I like the 'framed' picture!

Jenni said...

How cool is that!! It looks like marbles and straight pins to me...or definitely some modern art.... I love it!

Thanks for sharing it with us!
Too neat!

Tonja said...

It's beautiful! But, I guessed it right away! I've used a glue gun way too many times. But, isn't it amazing how the drops fell just so? There's probably an explanation for why that happens, but someone smarter than me would have to find it ! Loved this post!

I'm catching up on all my reading today, if you haven't guessed.