Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lilies of the Lake

Today I'm sharing some pictures I captured of the water lilies on Hamilton Lake, in Claiborne County, Mississippi, which is a stone's throw away from the Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant.

The nuclear plant itself is an awesome sight to behold, and I always have an uneasy, eerie feeling when we pass by it to get to the lake.

But seeing the lilies in bloom is well worth the uneasiness.

And speaking of "awesome!"

The centers remind me of little suns ...

The egrets seemed to be enjoying the flowers, too (or, more likely, the fishes underneath them).

And this bird looked as if he was walking on water ...

I'll probably never return to Hamilton Lake, but I will always fondly recall the day I captured these elegant lilies and forever preserved them (and the memory of that day) in my pictures.


Richard Cottrell said...

The lillys are birds are divine. I am so scared of those Nuclear plants. So dangerous. I saw one once during a storm and it looked like a Tornado was coming out of it, scared me to death. I was on the road going to Kansas City, I pulled over and was ready to go jump in a ditch. Wish we did not have to have them,Richard from My Old Historic House.

Dorothy said...

Wonderful pictures! Love the Water Lilies and the Birds!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Janie, isn't it eerie that the gorgeous birds and lilies are in the shadow of that thing? Eeek! But I actually think the one there is safer than most. I think it has a good safey rating as I read about the type of reactors they all have, and fortunately I don't believe that one has the same type as Japan did. There are several, however, in the country that do.

That section of the South is so beautiful. Going to the ghost towns around that area where life was once thriving in the ports along the Mississippi gives me an eerie feeling of its own. The old wagon roads with the overhanging trees (that have been used for centuries), and the ones that follow along the paved roads make you think you could just close your eyes and step back in time.

Thanks for sharing...