Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day One

My day began at 4:00 a.m. this morning. That's not unusual for me — I love the peace and quiet, and can accomplish more in those wee hours of the morning than I can the rest of the day.

But my list for today will take more than a few hours to accomplish — I woke up feeling inspired and full of energy, and decided it would be a perfect day to decorate the house for Christmas.

I've already removed most of my Fall decorations and taken them to the attic, and my husband helped me bring down some of the Christmas boxes, so I'm committed to finishing it today.

The mantel looks rather forlorn, with only the candlesticks and Fall candles remaining ...

And my Welsh Dresser in the breakfast area is bare, except for a few Christmas things I've already added.

The picture on the dresser is one I took of it last Christmas, and I will use the same ideas this Christmas.

Some people may think it's boring to do the same thing year afer year, but I prefer to think of it as honoring "traditions" — and I'd rather use old sentimental decorations with fond memories associated with them than buy new ones that are only for looks.

And speaking of sentimental ... these boxes in the dining room hold, among other things, our treasured nativity figurines.

Last year, I set the figurines and creche up before our six-year-old granddaughter Avery was here, and when she arrived and saw it, the first thing she said was, "Grandmama, you have the three kings in the wrong place!" And, sure enough, I looked at the picture from the year before, and they were, indeed, "out of order" from the way they were lined up the year before. I love passing these decorating traditions down to Avery ... and they seem to be important to her, too, which warms my heart.

I hope this finds you enjoying your decorating, or shopping, or cooking ... or whatever your day may bring your way.

I'm off to take on my day, and will look forward to sharing new pictures soon.

P.S. — I may wait for Avery to help me set up the nativity scene, so I'll be sure and "get it right."


Richard Cottrell said...

I bet it is going to be beautiful. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Jenni said...

I been eagerly waiting for you to break out the Christmas decorations....

And that Avery is so precious!


Karen said...

so glad I dropped by tonight and read your post from today. I have not been able to get motivated to unpack the boxes today. I've visited several blog sites & pinterest and see all the "new" ideas and decorations and I think I need to do something different. But, you have stated it clearly - it should all remain tradition. Thank you so much! Making memories with your grans, how precious. Will be looking for pics.