Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Treasured Christmas Cactus

A few years ago, my husband's mother gave me a Christmas Cactus, and it has started blooming, just in time for Christmas.

For some reason, the cactus produces only two blooms on the same two stems every year, but aren't they exquisite!

My mother-in-law was a kind, gentle, and humble lady, who devoted her life to raising five fine children and taking care of her husband.

She loved to laugh, and was always doing for others, glorifying and serving the Lord.

Every time I look at these beautiful blooms on my cactus, it's as if she has stopped by for a visit, and it warms my heart and brightens my day when I remember the precious lady my husband called Mom.


Tonja said...

What a sweet tribute! And, the cactus is beautiful. Those are always such a fascination to me...how they thrive all year and then...they just know it's time to bloom for Christmas. It's a God thing for sure!

racheld said...

How very lovely, and such a great privilege to be RIGHT THERE when the blooms are at their perfection! You've captured something of the never-before/never-again wonderment, and it's right there for always.

And what a beautiful heart-song to such a sweet person in your life. One of my great hopes is to be remembered in such a fashion.