Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sanctuary Lake

This is Sanctuary Lake where we plan to build a house when we sell our house in Vicksburg.

Last weekend, my husband and I spent a few very pleasant hours at our six-acre lot, he, trimming low branches on some of the trees, and I, dragging the limbs to a pile to burn later.

The sun was like a spotlight highlighting the bleached and gnarled trunks and limbs of the snags in the lake, and the contrast between the trees, blue reflection of the sky on the water, and fall foliage in the background proved to be too much for me resist.

I'm sorry to say I abandoned my limb-dragging duties for a few minutes and grabbed my camera and headed down to the water's edge.

When we were looking for land and first saw Sanctuary Lake, I didn't particularly like the tree snags, but the more I looked at them, I realized that they have a beauty all their own.

Their twisted and gnarled trunks and limbs look as if they have been battered by wind and weather, much like the old gnarled live oak trees found in South Louisiana.

I was standing at the front of our lot looking back toward the lake when I captured the following picture using my zoom lens. You can barely see the white tops of the snags over the rise of the land.

Even though Sanctuary Lake was man-made, God's glory can be seen in those beautiful sculpture-like tree snags. I look forward to sitting in our rocking chairs on our back porch someday and looking out at their white twisted limbs.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

You are going to have such a wonderful time with your camera when you make the move! Praying for a quick sale for your beautiful home. You really do have a lovely place in Vicksburg, but I know this will be even lovelier. Plus, the benefit of being near those two cutie pies!



Tonja said...

tree snags, you call them? Well...they are beautiful! As sculptural as bare trees against a cold winter's day!

I love the setting of your 'home to be'...hope you get to live there soon.


Carolyn said...

Beautiful. What a blessing to have this view from your new house.
Glad you dropped those limbs for your camera!

Sue said...

I am very excited for you, Janie. Beutiful scenes, and when you move, I can only imagine what scenes you will photograph.
Thanks for sharing.

Jenni said...

Girl! Those tree snags are very cool! They look like modern sculpture..... and the contrast of the bare stark white against the blue of the water is beautiful. I like the pic where you can barely see the tops of them too!

What a neat lake!