Monday, November 14, 2011

Out of Service

Our Internet service has two speeds these days — slow as molasses, or non-existent. Our Internet service provider guy is supposed to come by this morning and see if he can "fix it," so, hopefully, I will be back soon.

UPDATE: — 3:35 PM: Tech guy called two hours ago and said he was "working on it" and would be here "within the hour." Problem is, he didn't say within what hour!

In all fairness, the Internet connection is better for the moment, but still no sign of the "tech guy" in person.

Stay tuned for updates.


racheld said...

I'm with you there, Sweetpea! Mine's this laptop---I just mentioned yesterday that if you opened this thing up, you'd find gears like Gringott's, sticky with Brer Rabbit syrup and all the Juicy Fruit from the bottom of school desks from the Dawn of Time.

Hope you're up and running soon!


Dreamt of you last night.

Dorothy said...

Those two speeds are the pits! We finally got DSL with ATT out here in the country and it is SO nice! It's fast upload and download and you can stay on all the time! Hope you can get yours fixed soon.

Merisi said...

Oh, I am sorry! I truly hope your visit with the gentleman will be a short and pleasant one, and service fully restored.
See you soon,