Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Kitchen: A Gathering Place

I think one of the most important rooms in a house is the kitchen. It is usually the gathering place for families and friends, not only for cooking and/or eating, but for fellowship and fun. Most of today's kitchens are designed with that in mind, featuring open floor plans that combine the kitchen, breakfast, and family room areas into one large room.

When we have company, our kitchen is the "gathering place," a place where the smells of good food mingle with the sounds of a family sharing good times and making memories while we prepare meals, play games at our breakfast table, and just "hang out."

I recently updated pictures of our kitchen and would like to share it with you.

The green bench beckons you to come "sit a spell."

This old tole tray is one of my favorite treasures, and when we bought the house, I knew exactly where I was going to put it.

This old scale is another one of my favorite things.

The little lamp has a special place in my heart, too. It sat on my dresser when I was a little girl.

I took these pictures and enjoy them on the side of the pantry by the china cabinet, especially the one of our granddaughter Avery helping me make a lemon pie. The bowl holding the peaches was my grandmother's.

I love this sign and its message ...

I hope you enjoyed seeing our "gathering place." I would love to see yours.


Lisa said...

Your kitchen is just beautiful! You found the perfect home for your tole tray. It looks so sweet right THERE! Thanks for sharing with us.

Stacey said...

Good Morning! I always enjoy seeing pictures of your home. Your kitchen has a timeless and welcoming look to it. It's so pretty. It's so neat that you have your photography in there. :)Thanks for sharing the prettiness.

racheld said...

I feel right a home. Thank you for the warm, glowing welcome!!

And you know my favorite picture is Avery's pie.

A Touch of Country said...

Oh my goodness..what a lovely place to come sit with you.

You have so many great details that you have done that I am in awe!

Fabulous job darling!

Tonja said...

What an absolutely lovely kitchen! I know sweet memories are made there. I love how you use new and old treasures, and have chosen items that have meaning to you. Too often these days, every kitchen starts to look the same. I hve always wanted my house to look like us not everyone else. It's beautiful...thanks for sharing.

Beth at Aunties said...

Oh Janie!
I can tell why you call your kitchen/family area your 'gathering place'. It is so inviting and in a top designer magazine. I enjoy all the memories of your special items which stir up cherished times. Your MIL's clock, your mom's or grandmothers utensil crock, your mom's blue bowl, making Lemon pie with Avery, your lamp and scale amongst others items you have shared. Your 'home' is a place I would love to have my family gather!

Can you tell, your blog is one of my favorites? Not only because of your lovely photos, but the special way you have of sharing moments with us. You are a true southern lady with charm and hospitality and by the way you write we can tell you are one of HIS beloved daughters. Thank You for being a wonderful lady!

Kitty Scraps said...

OhMyGoodness! I remember your kitchen from RMS, it was one of my absolute favorites! I had no idea all this time I've been reading your blog that it was your kitchen! How funny is that. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your kitchen is so warm and inviting. It truly looks like it reflects your family and lives. If I were to buy your home, the kitchen would have sold me!!

I agree that the kitchen is the gathering place and the heart of the home! And I think that dynamic goes back hundreds of years.

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I have been posting pictures of my new kitchen in bits and pieces as it is renovated, if you want to visit. I would love that!


Judy said...

Your kitchen has got to be my all-time favorite from as far back as RMS two summers ago. It's so welcoming and of course beautiful!

Thanks for sharing it again,

Kim said...

I can see why your favorite room in your house is the kitchen! I'd never leave! It's absolutely charming!

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Beautiful kitchen!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Connie

9405018--Pat said...

Your kitchen is so warm and beautiful...I love it on RMS....thanks for sharing...Pat H

Anonymous said...

Morning Janie! I always love seeing your kitchen since it is PERFECTION!!! I don't remember the hutch from RMS days?? I adore Toile trays! The fruit ones are my favorites but I don't usually see many of them! The sign is beautiful and I especially love the one of Avery mixed in helping in the kitchen!! I know I told you before that your kitchen was the first picture I clicked on when viewing RMS for the first time! It is still as beautiful today as 2yrs ago!!! The best part though is I now know the owner better!!!!lol Have a fun weekend dear - Sincerely, Jeannette

Town Blogger Team said...

Janie, you have a beautiful home. I like the Happily Ever After touch.
Your link has been added to the shoot-outs.
Walk With Faith

Denise said...


Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

Your kitchen is STILL my most favorite ever! I'm also still on the lookout for a painting like your windmill one. Don't remember how long it's been since I first saw you on RMS but one day I will hit pay dirt and find a painting like that.
Perfect way to start may day, looking at your kitchen!

Anonymous said...

This has always been my favorite kitchen. Not only is it beautiful,it is warm and welcoming. Your blog is the same. Love it!

Jon said...

Like a feature from "Southern Living". Just beautiful and congrats to you on your decorating skills.

Jon on 8-1-09

Cathy said...

Ooohhh...I love your kitchen!!! It is just beautiful!!! Your tray is to die for...perfectly placed behind the stove!!!

A wonderful and warm place to gather!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


Marian Love Phillips said...

I know you must be very proud of your gathering is so warm and inviting...I just want to pull up a chair and stay awhile. Thanks for letting us take a peek inside your lovely home. :)

The Chic Chauffeur said...

What a beautiful kitchen. Inspirational!! Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures of your family nesting place!