Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Place Called Lawn Tea

Today, I'd like to share one of my favorite places. It is a place called Lawn Tea, which is a blog written by a gracious and very talented lady named Rachel, whose awe-inspiring way with words never ceases to amaze, inspire, and delight me.

You won't see many photos on Rachel's blog, but you will soon discover that her sweet and simple stories of everyday life are filled with all kinds of pictures ... pictures Rachel paints with her words.

Rachel grew up in the Mississippi Delta, and her writing style is graced with a hint of a soft southern accent. Rachel modestly says, "I just write of things I KNOW, that have happened -- family stuff from WAY back, people I never even met, but whose names and doings have been carried down in the old word-of-mouth way ..."

For those of you who have not already discovered Rachel's Lawn Tea, I would like to share a few of my favorite passages from her stories:

"The rocks we gathered ... are greened with a verdigris nurtured by all the steady rains of late. They sit in their appointed places amongst the deep shade hostas in the far back garden, where the wind chimes sway a faraway tinkle and the birds chat amongst themselves."

Excerpt from her Memorial Day tribute:

"And so I say "Thank you," to each and every one, and give a prayer of thanks for all of our service people, past and present -- those standing proud in uniform today, those who have served, no matter what the term, those who have retired from their service, but remain ever soldiers, those lying beneath the brave small flags, and those known only to the angels and remembered in the hearts of those who loved them."

On cleaning house in anticipation of company coming:

"Today will be a day of righting all the rooms, running the vacuum and the Swiffers, and will be accompanied by the scents of Windex and PineSol Orange and Old English -- an arsenal of good friends over the years, whose odors are as familiar and comforting as the smell of old books and baby-necks."

I hope you will visit Rachel and see for yourself why I love her gracious and almost magical way with words. I'm sure a "Place called Lawn Tea" will become one of your favorite places, too. Oh, and while you're there ... please tell Rachel that I sent you.


racheld said...


I'll say again that this is a delightful surprise and an unexpected honor.

My cup is indeed full and running over---thank you again.


Stacey said...

I will definitely check out that blog. I've never heard of it. Love the description of "anticipation of company coming" because that's exactly what I'm up to. :)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Sounds absolutely lovely, Janie!

B said...

Wow! Sometimes words are so much more beautiful than actual pictures! I have put her blog on my favorites and will use it for therapy - when I need true beauty. Thanks for sending us over to Lawn Tea. B

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sounds wonderful, Janie! I will be sure and visit.


Sheila :-)

Keetha said...

Rachel's writing is so evocative of family and table and the Miss. Delta.

This is my first time here; I'll be back! I love your photographs.

Beth at Aunties said...

Her blog sounds like a charming place to spend spell bound in her words.
Janie, your blog also has the simple delight of grace and is a place I adore to visit!


Tonja said...

I know her and read her as often as she blogs! She is a 'master of the language', isn't she? I can feel exactly where she is coming I have actually been there before! So glad you featured her.

racheld said...

I thank Janie and all of her friends for dropping in on LAWN TEA, and hope you'll come back often!!

rachel d